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Thursday, February 15, 2007

No blogging tomorrow (Friday), as I will be @ Lake State for some skiing. Also there is a Michigan hockey game, so I'm totally being responsible and Michigan-related and stuff.

Unfortunately, the following scene isn't on YouTube.

George is talking with Wendy at the counter.

WENDY: (smiling) I'm sorry, I don't owe you anything. I had some personal business that day.

GEORGE: (irascible) Oh, I see. So your time is more valuable than mine. Is that it? You're a delicate genius!

Behind George, Elaine has slipped in the door.

WENDY: A delicate genius?

George spots Elaine.

GEORGE: Elaine?

ELAINE: (surprised) George!

George stalks past Elaine and exits.

GEORGE: (leaving) Hah. Good luck.

WENDY: What's going on?

ELAINE: (feeling her arm) Wendy, I injured my shoulder, Wednesday, when you dropped me off and I had to carry my skis, and my boots, and my poles and everything, all the way home. I'm, I'm having trouble lifting my arm.

Do you think you could give me some treatment?

WENDY: Oh sure. You have insurance, right?

ELAINE: (shocked) Insurance? You're charging me?

Behind Elaine, George is standing in the open door

GEORGE: Wednesday? That's your personal business?! (stalks over to the counter) Skiing?! (angry) So let people suffer, while you're shushing all over a mountain?

WENDY: How did you hear that?

GEORGE: I hear everything.

WENDY: I mean, why don't you two just take your business elsewhere, hmm?

ELAINE: Oh, huh huh, that is a good idea. C'mon George.

GEORGE: Yeah. Let's go.

Elaine and George, united, head for the door. AS they get there, Elaine turns to deliver her parting shot.

ELAINE: (pointedly) And you know, you might wanna do something aboutthat hair.

WENDY: Why, what's wrong with my hair?

ELAINE: Huh, I think it's a little old-fashioned. Don't you? (to receptionist) Uh, tell her.

RECEPTIONIST: She's right.