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Friday, February 02, 2007

Three cheers for Warren. Various celebratory posts across the Wolverineosphere. My favorite features what looks to be Batboy dressed as a pirate:

Avast, Long Beach Poly, prepare to be boarded. GBW has a summary on Warren if you're wondering what all the divers alarums is about.

One more Babelfish gem. Another article on Sagesse that's all French-like, a ranking of Quebec football recruits. Relevant passage:

For a second consecutive semester this is a player of the Spartan ones of the Old Montreal that is in list head. In fact, the line player defensive Rénaldo Wisdom succeeds Earned Martin, another line player defensive, as better Quebec player of less than twenty years. Wisdom dominated during the weekend, while most of the players seemed a little rusty. Several players and present trainers have besides asserted that the execution did cruelly defect during the weekend.
Originally I thought the passage meant Sagesse was the best prospect in the last twenty years -- best Nevadan NHLer ever! -- but that's not the case. Rather, he's named the best player younger than twenty. Canadian high school has an extra grade, so Sagesse will be as old as many juniors when he steps on campus and nearly as old as Jimmah Clausen.

Look at me look at me why isn't anyone looking at me? Rob Parker shuts off his brain and comes up with this... um... column: "Amaker deserves more time to craft turnaround." As expected, universe mocks Parker. Dumbest portion of very dumb column:
Those who say Amaker hasn't done anything are grossly misled. With Amaker at the helm, Michigan won an NIT title in 2004 and lost to South Carolina in the NIT final last year. That doesn't sound like players who don't want to play for a coach. In fact, it's the opposite. It tells you what kind of a motivator he honestly is.
The kind of motivator who can't get boatloads of seniors into the NCAA tournament? Classic example of a newspaper guy writing something he doesn't actually believe for attention and access.

Hensick for Hobey. On the strength of last weekend's five points, Hensick moves into the lead in CSTV's Hobey poll. It's a narrow lead, though, with Miami's Nate Davis and ND's Dave Brown hot on his heels. With Michigan shifting to a road & Joe schedule after Saturday's WMU game he'll have to do it away from Yost.

Ohio. Don't click here.

Loli Haet College Basketball, but loev college basketball bloggers. Ken Pomeroy posts a set of "dicta" that mgoblog would like to cosign 100%. Favorite and most applicable to college football:
Don’t confuse achievement with performance. If I somehow happened to become a coach, I would totally write this on the chalkboard after a close win over a lousy team. Future achievement can be better predicted by past performance than past achievement. How to measure performance is the tricky part, but I know it goes deeper than recording W’s and L’s, or even looking at who a team beat and lost to. If you’re wondering why I am often unconcerned about past achievements, it’s because so many other people have that covered. You can look at the conference standings and see achievement. Trying to figure out a team’s level of performance is more challenging, but also more insightful. Naturally, there comes a time in the season where achievement trumps performance, and that time is called March Madness.

File under abuse of power. So... a student at a Penn State branch campus is suing for the best reason ever:
-A college student claims she was injured when a "moose head with antlers" fell off the wall of a Pennsylvania State University laboratory and landed on her head. According to Amy Walters, the falling moose head struck her in the right temple and knocked her into a chair, where the stuffed item landed in her lap. The February 2005 incident, Walters claims in a Court of Commons Pleas complaint, has left her suffering from severe headaches. A copy of the January 25 lawsuit can be found below. Walters was attending a biology class in the lab, which had "several wild game heads displayed on the walls about the room." As she peered through a microscope "directly beneath the moose head," Walters claims, she was struck on the head by the plummeting hunter's trophy.
Why is this the best reason ever? The Germans.

You naughty moose.

Etc.: WCH and Red on the "family advisors" phenomenon in college hockey; Carty on the RoJo weirdness.