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Monday, March 26, 2007

Thanks to a helpful commenter I got an IE6 test setup up and running and got the ugliness there fixed... mostly. For reasons I can't determine, the end of posts often get cut off in IE6. The text is still there -- if you highlight the area it pops up like any other selected text -- and if you scroll up and down a bit it'll reappear... sometimes. It's really weird and doesn't appear to be a markup issue. If anyone knows what's going on there, please drop me a line. In the absence of help, I don't know if I can fix that. Anyone experiencing it is advised to try the selection workaround.

The other thing: there is Adsense on the right sidebar. Blame Orson, who convinced me the revenue was worth the bother. (Initial returns imply otherwise, perhaps because the ad I saw constantly until yesterday was querying me whether I had a gay-friendly auto that "expressed my pride," which seems to miss this blog's demographic quite badly. I mean, we haven't won anything since when? Try the Florida blogs, buddy. Rival fans are invited to use this nugget in sophomoric attempts to make fun of Michigan.) I'm trying to strike a balance between irritating and invisible. Anyone who is seriously pissed is advised to get Firefox and download the AdBlock Plus and AdBlock Filterset Updater, which work so well that I thought AdSense was broken until I remembered to turn it off.

Anyway: with the gruntwork of moving to the new blogger completed I have a lot more capability at my fingertips. If there's anything you'd like to see let me know and I'll take it under consideration.

And while I'm site-bulletin-ing: Obviously the MGoBlog banner has to change in the near future, as Steve Breaston is off to return kicks in the NFL. Equally obvious: I am not a graphic designer. Would there be interest in a contest to design next year's banner? Free shirt? I'll play Scrabble with you? Interest will be gauged and then perhaps we will proceed.