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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This post exists because the Blog That Yost Built posted on it first. Many thanks.

Nice trident, Jack... wait... what?

Kings fans are excited about Jack Johnson. They should be; dude is a can't miss first-pairing NHL defenseman who, freed of the NCAA anti-fighting strictures, is liable to lead the universe in penalty minutes. A propensity for enormous hits and a wicked shot that can be launched accurately from any awkward position Jack finds himself in complete the package. It's a beautiful thing. But... uh...

...I just said that the age of Michigan's punter was "unfathomable as the stars" and even I'm a little creeped out...

...and if you're wondering, "JMFJ" stands for exactly what you think it does...

...Jack Mother Fucking Johnson:

... When the Kings fans discovered video evidence of the Dancing Official Dad of Jack Johnson, they dubbed him "Mr. MFJ."

So, uh, there you go. Enjoy what's probably the last few games of the JMFJ era.

(Two more years? One? Come on, Jack, you know you want to.)