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Monday, March 05, 2007

Update 3/5: Upgraded Jonas Gray from red to yellow. Added MI QB Brendon Kay, NJ LB Marcus Witherspoon, MN LB Sam Maresh, MI WR James Wade. Linked to article on MN WR Michael Floyd -- he has an offer. Added CA WR Christopher Owusu. Noted that 'Bama and UF lead for GA S Darrell Simmons.

Removed IN OL Braxton Cave and IN WR John Goodman, who both committed to ND.

Editorial Opinion: Cave and Goodman off the board is unfortunate but not unexpected. Both come from heavy ND feeder schools in Indiana, and you compete against Notre Dame for white WRs at your peril.

Each linebacker who announces that he has a Michigan offer -- we must be up to 15 by now -- increases my disquiet about our six underclassmen. Michigan is recruiting like they have no linebackers with freshmen eligibility instead of six.

Jonas Gray is backing off his ND fixation quickly. Don't know if he has an offer yet. Michigan is being very selective at running back.

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