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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Uh... wow. There are some twenty submissions in the banner contest not counting a few kind but misguided people who sent in banner ideas. Though the thought is appreciated, unfortunately for them the entire point of this exercise is to help prevent the deployment of my limited photoshop skills as much as possible. As such, they aren't under consideration. Sorry. Since twenty is not a reasonable number to pick from and many people submitted blocks of two to five banners, I've taken the liberty of choosing my favorite from each multiple submitter in an effort to get the overall numbers down to a more manageable level. It's a good thing this is a democratic process, because several of the submissions are outstanding and I would hate to have to tell people that I liked another banner more. I leave that duty to you.

In an effort to not clutter up the front page with lots and lots of big pictures for the next week, this marks the first deployment of cool ajax "click here" posts.

Important update! Jeremy Bronson's banner was accidentally left off the poll and I had to replace it with a new one. Anyone who's voted before will have to vote again; apologies.

Click on any banner for a full-size treatment.

Andrew Wooley

Baxter Allen

Tyler Selhorn

Neil Dhillon

Max Kimbrough

Max was one of the multiple submitters. If he's the winner I plan to alternate between these two, so both are presented:

Matt Visser

Matt Schaar

Josh Houchin

Jeremy Bronson

(Note that Jeremy also submitted a version of this banner like so...

Why does Tacopants wear #174? (Also, he's not jumping, let's be clear about this.) If he is the winner you might see this alternate version from time to time.)

Gene Keselman
Fred Simmons

Brian Forster

Evaluate carefully and vote. Polls will be left open for a couple days or until I remember to check the results. I've tried to give every banner a distinctive name so that you know who what you're voting for.
Banner fight
Pregame Huddle - Andrew Wooley
Past and Present - Baxter Allen
MGoBlog Banner 1 - Tyler Selhorn
Petway, Branch, Woodson - Neil Dhillon
Stadium Skies - Max Kimbrough
Rush the Field - Matt Visser
MooseGoBlog - Matt Schaar
Hart, Henne, Manningham - Josh Houchin
Hart Carries - Gene Keselman
Hart Leaps - Fred Simmons
We Need A Collage - Brian Forster
MGoBanner #2 - Jeremy Bronson free polls


Anonymous said...

I tried to vote for the bronson one but it's not an option?

Anonymous said...

I like the banner idea by Selhorn and Bronson. Although Selhorn used a better pic, his 'G' looks nothing like the G in Go, so my vote went with Bronson.

Anonymous said...

Bronson's is a much more subtle Photoshop of a much more difficult photo. For technique and the possibility of Tacopants appearing I vote Bronson.

Anonymous said...

Allen's banner epitomizes Michigan's tradition... past and present. Not too crowed and busy... and the creator is a doctor, so trust him.

Anonymous said...

Didn't vote for any of these. If offered the choice between eff Michigan or Ann Arbor is a Whore I'd voter for the latter. Graphics at 11:00 p.m.