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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'll get to the bad right away: I am an idiot and accidentally deleted the NIT championship game because Comcast's DVR box has crappy, laggy software and no undelete feature. So instead of a cool post breaking down some of the unique features of John Beilein's teams here's this picture that adequately sums up the situation:

If anyone happens to know of or is capable of creating some internets West Virginia basketball, please point it out to me. I managed to track down a torrent of their NIT game against NC State (why? I don't know) but it remains stuck at a woeful 0% downloaded after most of a day.

The good news: as noted on mgolicious, everyone on the current roster has expressed a desire to stay, including Udoh and Sims. If you need more evidence that Terry Foster is Towelie the sportswriter...

...there it is. The recruits are still up in the air, as you might expect before they've had an opportunity to talk with Beilein. Before any candidates were even identified both Harris and Grady had claimed they weren't going anywhere. Legion made a similar statement but there were significant rumblings that he was looking to bolt. Since Beilein's name has come up, Grady's father has made a lot of outlandish statements about the Beilein offense and his ability to recruit, etc etc etc., and has expressed doubts about Kelvin's fit. Legion has been circumspect, while Harris hasn't wavered from his stance: probably going to Michigan but waiting to see about the coach. I think we keep Harris and Grady (I doubt Grady's going to walk into at least 20 minutes a game at another major-conference school and they're a Michigan family); Legion is 50-50.