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Monday, April 30, 2007

As above. I've mentioned this in passing before, but not explicitly: I'm editing and writing a large chunk of a new Michigan annual that's coming out this summer. (For an example of the general gist of things you can check out Maple Street's Here Come The Irish from last year; this is a Michigan version of that.) Anyway, the deadline on that is fast approaching and I'd like it to be very good, so I am temporarily redirecting most of my energies to that. So there will be no enormous diatribes, excessive previews of Northwestern, or cool charts in this space for the next week or two. I will get something up every day, if only so the commenters can have a place to discourse, but it'll be along the lines of the last couple days' activity.

After that I'll jump headlong into the previews and hammer out that tempo-free stats thing I mentioned during the season.