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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yeah, USC has Snoop Dogg but do they have this?

Hell no.

(Full picture set on MGoBlue, credit to Varsity Blue for being first on the Mini-Me beat.)

More on the game can be found at Colin's new digs. I can answer this question of his:

I saw Quentin Patilla in a blue jersey (blue = offense) and couldn't come up with a reason why.
Okay... that's not a question. Anyway: Patilla was switched to fullback this spring once the backfield situation got dire, which bodes unwell for his future. Fullback is a black hole of a position that sucks in the underwhelming from other positions and holds them in its gravitational clutches forevermore. Maybe he just got moved there to fill in a temporary hole in the roster, but Quintin, get away from the event horizon.

In other, more alarming, picture news...

Yes, that's a tie. Now he gets fashion sense? If he wears a tie on the sidelines and takes Harvard to the tournament while Beilein roams around in a Hawaiian shirt and jam shorts winning NITs I officially give up on basketball.