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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

...unlike Michigan's other internet offerings, M's Quicktime stream works. John Beilein's first PC as Michigan head coach is ongoing. I'll liveblog it.

Update: Impressed with the caliber of kid already on the team -- good sign for his offense getting ramped up to speed?

Has called everyone on the team to date, couldn't get ahold of Ron Coleman because he was STUDYING HIS ASS OFF. Got in contact with Manny's mom, Kelvin's dad, left a couple messages for Legion's mom.

II: "I love Princeton, it's a great university... [but] that's like saying you understand Japanese if you understand Chinese."

"There's been years we threw it inside and threw it inside because that was the best way to win. There's been years we jack up threes because it's the best way to win. When you come from my background, you have to be versatile."

III: "We want a family situation, unselfish players who love to play together." Wants a team integrated with the student body, more praise for Tommy's ability to get really nice guys.

How important is recruiting the state of Michigan? "It's going to be huge. ... You'll find I'm very hands-on with that. I want kids to grow up here in the state of Michigan dreaming of wearing the Maize and Blue." Blah MSU... "We'll be recruiting Michigan very hard as long as I'm the coach."

Has recruited a number of Michigan kids over the course of his career.

PSL? Has recruited there at Cansisus but hasn't had any recent ties in the state.

Facilities? Beautiful locker room, beautiful film room... wouldn't want to walk in to Crisler and try to win. Maize Rage noted as a distinctive feature.

Practice facility? General mutterings about the future, didn't offer anything concrete.

[I hate the way these questions go. Where is the "do you plan to continue with the 1-3-1 if you get the sort of athletes who can play tough man-to-man?"]

More facilities follow up, no concrete plan.

Some media twat asks about "two big shadows": Michigan football and MSU basketball. Beilein dismisses media twat, notes national championship, academics, recruiting grounds, praises Izzo and the football program, etc.

Recruiting questions? "I recruit great players. ...This is a hotbed for recruiting, I don't expect it to be a problem."

Conversations with recruits? Dodges it, basically. Manny Harris is one of ten(!) kids; Beilein one of nine(!!!).

Timeline for a tournament appearance or Big Ten championship? Beilein declines to hang himself on his first day on the job, thank you very much.

Buyout? "The University of Michigan has nothing to do with my buyout. My lawyers and WVU are working on it." !!!

IV: Not talking about the system yet, just doing shooting and ballhandling and passing. Only has four hours with these guys before the summer. Has to have self-motivated teams. Threatens that guys who slack off will become "very familiar with the track." Says will teach kids to fish.

Bringing his assistants? Maybe maybe not. Up in the air. Seems like he's leaving the door open for a Detroit recruiting guy.

Last stop? "I hope so... after what we've just gone through, I hope so."

V: WTF? Some guy tries to spin his postseason success at WVA as "pressure to make the national tournament." Beilein says "with how much I'm getting paid, there should be pressure." Nice. Says he's confident and isn't bothered by pressure after 32 years coaching. Thought it was 29?

Next question along the same lines, answer another re-iteration of Michigan's awesomeness. Again brings up recruiting Michigan.

Says Martin waited until after the season ended to contact him, good.

[OMG stop asking about "buzz" and garbage like that. Ask about how he gets guys so wide open from three. Ask about the 1-3-1. Ask about something not retarded.]

Does some media sucking-up after a kind of an irrelevant question. Good? Kowtow? Dunno.

Part of his job to go out and get the money, Lebowski, for a practice facility. "It's not just about what out of bounds play we're going to run." (Although when it is? Wide open, baby!)

What was your career goal, your life goal? "To have a team in the top 20 traditionally, pretty much what we've done in the past years at West Virginia. I've coached my son, I've been to the elite eight... you think 'is this it'? ...And I've never been so charged up."

"In '75 I thought to myself 'I can't do this for a living'. I was physically sick at a JV basketball game."

Talks about his "two guard" set where he puts out two point guards. "Necessity is the mother of invention ... it's an old saying, but it's the truth."

Were you bothered by this process? The whole thing is very difficult. Surprisingly heartfelt response. Then he gets off a Dana Altman zinger: "I will not be returning to Morgantown this afternoon and saying 'I'm going back.'"