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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So, this year's first Rivals 100 just came out. Though these things are imperfect they're always interesting. Names of note:


They have committed.

  • #49 Boubacar Cissoko
  • #53 Brandon Moore
  • #62 Dann O'Neil

They should commit.
  • #54 Daryl Stonum
  • #65 Brandon Smith
In With A Shot

They could commit. It would be nice to pick up two from this category.
  • #2 Darrell Scott
  • #7 Will Hill
  • #12 Shayne Hale
  • #28 Jonathan Baldwin (almost in the "favored" column.)
  • #34 Stephen Filer
  • #83 Jon Major
Token Offers

Guys we've offered that have given no indication they're considering Michigan and live far away and stuff. Guys in this category could end up interested but haven't given any indication they are yet; probability dictates we aren't likely to get any of these guys. One if we're lucky.
  • #15 Arthur Brown
  • #20 Deion Walker
  • #25 Brandon Barnes
  • #48 Ethan Johnson
  • #52 Michael Floyd
  • #69 Antoine McClain
  • #33 Matt Patchan

Ticketed elsewhere but I've heard of them as Michigan recruits.
  • #1 Terrelle Pryor
  • #26 Lucas Nix
  • #42 Rahim Moore
  • #87 Kavario Middleton
  • #100 Robert Blanton
Jonas Gray

Seriously, wtf.
  • #47 Jonas Gray
These are good results for Michigan. It seems all but certain they'll have at least five top 100 commits by the end of the year and could reasonably have seven. Ohio State's class (six top 100 already) is ominous, though it comes on the heels of an off year for the Buckeyes. And for all the hype about Notre Dame they have exactly the same number of top 100 commits as we do.

One glaring omission is that of TX RB Sam McGuffie, who, like, is Sam McGuffie, man. It's especially puzzling given McGuffie's offer sheet (M, USC, ND, Florida, FSU, Miami, Cal, Alabama, Oklahoma according to Rivals itself) compared to Gray's (Florida... Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin). It's one thing to come to your own conclusions based on the tape you've been given, but it's quite another to defy stats (3000+ yards in Texas' highest class) and wow factor when even collegiate coaches, who are paid way more than you are to do this, go with the stats and wow.