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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Update 6/18: Removed MO WR Wes Kemp (Wisc), MD RB Josh Haden (down to BC, UF), CA WR Christopher Owusu (no M interest). Linked to articles on AZ RB Covaughn Deboskie (slight Cal lead, moved down to yellow from green), NJ TE Chris Pantele, NJ S Will Hill, OH LB Brandon Beachum (offered?), another on Beachum, OH RB Michael Shaw, TX CB Adrian Bushell. Two headers of note from always excitable GBW: TX WR Daryl Stonum visits; NJ S Brandon Smith sounds enthused.

Scout has updated their top 100. We like Rivals better this year.

Editorial Opinion: Another light week as far as news. The Michigan summer camp is now in full swing and should put an end to that (expect a couple of commits from guys you may or may not have heard of), but for now...

None of the guys who got dropped were strong M possibilities, but Covaughn Deboskie claiming a Cal lead is a negative development. Michigan will get the chance to impress, though:

Michigan is another school with a large and impressive stadium, but Deboskie admits he doesn't know much about the Wolverines yet. "I haven't really developed a relationship with their coaches yet," he said. "Hopefully I'll be able to learn more about them. I want to have a good relationship with my coaches and I want to be part of a team with unity. I need to feel like I could be comfortable there for the next four to five years."
Probably better he hasn't gotten familiar with the program if he says someone else leads.

Adrian Bushell has been listing Michigan among three or four leading schools for a little while now; this quote does not encourage:
”I know for sure I’ll be visiting Florida, Tech, and OSU. I will probably visit Michigan as well, but those first 3 are the ones I know for sure. After I am able to see all the schools, I’ll have a better idea of the place that is best for me.”
Since he's talking about official visits, money and distance are not factors. We're probably trailing.

IL DT Garrett Goebel is visiting soon and then deciding a week or so thereafter. Buckeye Planet thinks he's in the bag for OSU; they're probably right.

Brandon Beachum says he has an offer:
"Michigan has amazing tradition and I actually know a few guys on the team already," Beachum said. "They are still on the rise and have some of the best academics in the Big Ten."
That article also contains high praise for Wisconsin; a second article from Allen Wallace the next day is pro-LSU. Sometimes offers get incorrectly reported due to miscommunication between school and player or player and media outlet, but since the second article specifically addresses the fact that he does not have an OSU offer and does not expect to get one, it's highly likely Beachum is in possession of a bonafide offer. He stopped at camp today; Michigan has a shot.

Michael Shaw is another Ohioan looking out of state. He gets off one of my favorite quotes of the year in a recent Scout article:
Shaw recently took an unofficial visit to Michigan. "It was amazing," Shaw exclaimed. "They are doing a great job with their program. They are always a winning team. Everyone there loves the team and there's a lot of team spirit. They don't have any pro teams there, so Michigan football is pretty much the marquee attraction."
Somone just got liowned.

Anyway: a couple commits should be forthcoming. Will post when they occur.