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Monday, June 11, 2007

Update 6/11: Removed MO TE Spencer Ladner (Cal), GA DT Omar Hunter (ND), LA TE Tyler Edwards (dropped us). Moved MI DT Mike Martin to committed. Linked to articles on KS LB Arthur Brown, MI RB Jonas Gray, LA CB Robby Green, PA QB Terrelle Pryor. Added IL DE Glen Foster, IL OL Neal Dieters, TX WR Jeffery Fuller, VA QB Sean Glennon, TN OL Preston Bailey. Noted solid inside info on OH RB Michael Shaw from BP. Linked to speculation on PA WR Jonathan Baldwin and PA QB Terrelle Pryor.

Editorial Opinon: Quiet week. The commitment of Martin was covered when it happened a few days ago; Michigan might be done at defensive tackle with it. I believe vagabond Marques Slocum has four years to play four, essentially making him a redshirt freshman, so Michigan will have four frosh defensive tackles this year (Slocum, Canadian freshman Renaldo Sagesse, and the redshirted duo of Jason Kates and John Ferrara). If Sagesse redshirts, and as a Canadian he's almost guaranteed to, they'll have a guy to pair with Martin. There are still offers out to a few guys -- Chris Henderson from PA, Lawrence Guy from NV, Reggie Ellis from DC -- but another DT isn't going to be a high priority. Both Guy and Ellis are sometimes mentioned as defensive ends, though.

This... news? Ye gods, you know it's a slow week when the first item is about someone cutting his list to 11. But... national #1 prospect Terrelle Pryor has cut his list to 11. We're on it, but it remains doubtful he ends up at Michigan:

As far as which program has the upper hand in the “Pryor Sweepstakes,” Pryor himself states that all of his finalists are equal.

Keystone Recruiting’s source, however, revealed that he believes Ohio State “has a slight lead.”

He also says that Pryor likes West Virginia, Penn State, Tennessee, Florida and Texas. Also, according to the source, his advisors have told him that he best fits in the offensive systems of West Virginia, Florida and Texas.

“He knows Noel Devine,” said the source, referring to the Mountaineers’ dynamic running back recruit, and “he is friends with a big tackle (Josh Jenkins) from Parkersburg that’s going there next year.”
OTOH, there's this guy at BP who flits in rarely -- 11 posts spread out over the past few months -- and drops little bits of inside knowledge. "EastCoastScout" on Pryor:
OSU is still looking good here, but besides WVU, the other school folks should watch out for is Georgia Tech. I'm told they are a serious player right now.

FWIW, as of right now, I'm expecting Michigan to get one of those visits. But as things currently stand, OSU is the leader.
FWIW. Though this would be a Lazarus job if Michigan pulled it off, it looks like they'll get a shot to.

More messageboard, um, stuff. We now have an offer out to Trotwood-Madison RB Michael Shaw; BP has a poster connected to the Trotwood-Madison program. I've followed up with him to confirm this. EXBEARCAT on Shaw:
Shaw is being recruited as a RB, not a DB.

He will be a RB at Michigan, Penn St, or Tennessee

More than likely Penn St or Michigan.
If he's seriously considering Penn State, I would think they have the advantage by virtue of their utterly barren tailback depth chart.

There is also this:
Jonathan Baldwin, the three-sport phenom from Aliquippa, has received nearly 30 scholarship offers for football and at least four for basketball. ... Word is that if Baldwin had to choose a school today, he'd be a maize-and-blue clad Michigan
As always, FWIW. This one appeared in an actual newspaper!

So, yeah, that's all I've got today. There should be a lot more movement over the next couple weeks; Michigan will hold its annual summer camp. If history is any indication, they will send out a few offers at it and get two or three commits from kids we haven't heard of before.

Full board here.

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