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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Varsity Blue is reporting the departure of redshirt freshman linebacker Cobrani Mixon for greener pastures, or at least green-ish ones: a transfer to Cincinnati or Kent State. Mixon's Facebook account confirms:

For those with bifocals, the highlighted text: "Cobrani is done with michigan this is his last night eva..." This is not the world's most incontrovertible evidence, but a Mixon departure had been rumored for a few months now and Varsity Blue seems sure of itself.

Though Mixon was a moderately shirtless recruit two years ago -- a mid four-star type who spent part of the year in the Scout 100 -- as soon as he arrived there were doubts he would ever see the field. It was clear by this spring he had been passed by Grand Rapid sleeper Obi Ezeh and JUCO Austin Panter; instead of getting the Anton Campbell treatment he's decided to find somewhere he can see the field. If he chooses Cincinnati he'll join fellow Colerain-to-Michigan-to-playing-time refugee Mister Simpson and we can mourned the missed opportunity to have not one but two Biakubutuka-level awesome names all at once.

Impact on the '07 team: little. Mixon was, by all reports, not ready to see the field this year. This does serve as partial explanation for Michigan's heavy pursuit of linebackers in this class; Michigan now has 18-ish scholarships available for '08.