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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hello! Sam McGuffie, who you may have heard of (or watched a six minute highlight reel of twenty-plus times), announces in approximately one hour on a Houston area television station. Here you'll find his announcement, when it is announced -- things look good -- and a sort of choose-your-own adventure followup.

If Sam McGuffie chooses Michigan, GOTO OVERREACTION-POSITIVE.
If Sam McGuffie chooses Texas A&M, GOTO OVERREACTION-NEGATIVE.

OVERREACTION-POSITIVE: The dossier on our new shiny internet video toy.

OVERREACTION-NEGATIVE: A brief burst of swearing and then retirement to fight again another day.

Should be fun. In the meantime, check out the extremely erratic Michigan sports branch of Logic Times and their take on McGuffie and, um, profiling.

OVERREACTION-POSITIVE: Yea, peal the churchbells and go forth proclaiming the good news: McGuffie is in our sweaty internets clutches. Here is a youtube dump of stuff you've probably already seen before.

Famous mixtape:

McGuffie taking a screen for a touchdown:

This one's on the ground:

This is titled "jtrain 2" for some reason but I am pretty sure this is another McGuffie run (it's labeled "cy fair," the team running the ball wears Cy Fair colors, and the running back appears to have the same body type as McGuffie. Can't make out the number but it's definitely only one digit -- he wears #2 -- and isn't a one), this one taped from the stands:

That's a Mike-Hart-like ability to evade certain doom right there.

There is also this one, featuring the rarely-seen NCAA back juke:

That appears to be all the plays available. There are duplicates of single plays in the mixtape: the famous hurdle; the 90-yard I-run-forwards-and-backwards touchdown, a playstation spin move in the first round of the playoffs, and another touchdown from that same playoff game.

More in the morning.

Update: You can watch the announcement here if you so desire. Nothing earth-shattering, except for the brief moment in which it seems the Rivals guy there is talking crap about him right to his face before it becomes clear he is doing the usual cheerleading, but maybe worth watching if only for the highlights in the background.