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Monday, July 09, 2007

Update 7/8: Linked to articles on IL QB John Wienke (a second; video interview), PA WR Vaughn Carraway, TX S Keanon Cooper, AZ CB Marc Anthony, NJ S Brandon Smith. Video of MI CB Boubacar Cissoko. Added TX DE Damion Squire. Linked to Arizona blog post w/ mentions of AZ CB Marc Anthony, AZ TE Dion Jordan, and AZ OL Zach Schlinck. Linked to articles on VA WR Deion Walker, OH OL Zebrie Sanders, IL DT/OL Garrett Goebel, PA CB Jared Holley, IL QB John Wienke. Removed IL DE Glen Foster (Illinois).

Editorial Opinion: A less eventful week than last, which featured three commits and a bunch of guys off the board. Youtube has some stuff, though. New QB recruit John Wienke:

And five-star cornerback Boubacar Cissoko:

MGoBlog scouting report: damn, that kid's legs move fast.

TX S Keanon Cooper has Minnesota(!?) in the lead at the moment, but hasn't visited anywhere except relatively local Texas Tech and has Michigan in the pack slightly behind:

Growing up, Cooper admits he used to follow Texas Tech and Michigan and loves the tradition at Ann Arbor. "Michigan is always competitive and play against top competition every week," Cooper said. "The coaches are great and they have been there a long time."
With Wisconsin also high on his list, it's evident Cooper doesn't mind leaving home for college. Despite another team leading, that's a relatively positive update to me, as it further indicates the Big Ten is a likely option. And the last kid from somewhere other than Minnesota that chose the Gophers over Michigan was... um... I don't know. Someone very confused.

PA WR Vaughn Carraway still maintains a Michigan lead, but I am somewhat skeptical he ends up in this class. Despite a rumored push from Michigan State, it still seems likely that instater Fred Smith ends up committing relatively soon; with three recruits last year and Stonum already in the fold, a sixth wideout in two years is unlikely unless it's someone like Jonathan Baldwin. If Michigan would take Carraway as a defensive back he could still find a spot in this class, but...
Early on some schools were recruiting Carraway for cornerback as well, however he says that now everyone wants him at wide receiver. "A lot of schools told me that it was up to me and I like playing receiver more," he said. "I like having the ball in my hands and getting it into the end zone."
...I don't know if either player or school thinks that an option. The Michigan lead is slight and he has attractive options like Tennessee, for a given version of "attractive" that does not include the uniforms. It wouldn't be a surprise to see Carraway end up elsewhere eventually.

AZ CB Marc Anthony has a top three of Michigan, Cal, and Nebraska:
"It's a big football program and I love their tradition," Anthony said of the Wolverines. "They are known for their defense and I did really well at their camp. They offered me afterward and told me they can see me playing as a freshman. I plan to learn everything I need to know because my goal is to play as a true freshman."
Anthony appears to be Michigan's top cornerback target at the moment; earlier he had named Michigan a solid favorite.

Meanwhile, PA CB Jared Holley has a Michigan offer; this recent article doesn't mention Michigan at all.

OH OL Zebrie Sanders is a longshot:
Sanders, ranked No. 34 in the Midwest by, said he favors Georgia slightly over Florida and UCLA and those three lead solidly over Clemson and Michigan. All of his favorites have offered.
Offensive linemen are getting thin on the ground. In-stater Deontae Pannell has an offer and a top three of Michigan, Penn State, and Michigan State but says Michigan trails the other two; Arizona guard Zach Schlinck is supposed to think highly of Michigan. Other than that there are a bunch of guys who have talked highly about Michigan but don't seem offer-worthy and guys Michigan has offered who don't seem particularly interested. One or two more linemen would be nice, but Michigan might have to wait for the fall to pick up a late-emerging senior.

I removed VA WR Deion Walker last week, but he does plan on making an unofficial. If he expresses further interest, I'll re-add him.

Board here.

Whoops! McGuffdate! He was announcing his college choice on Sunday; now he is announcing next Sunday on the same show Daryl Stonum announced his choice. It's essentially down to Michigan and Texas A&M; there were some reports that A&M was making a last-ditch attempt to sell him on being an Aggie. There's some low-level internet panic; I'm unmoved. McGuffie should be a Wolverine in a couple weeks.