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Monday, July 02, 2007

Rook profiles. A couple incoming freshman have been featured in recent days. PA WR Toney Clemons was the focus of an article in RISE:

“He’s a kid who really hasn’t reached his full potential yet, and that’s a scary thing,” says Hill, a former Pitt defensive back who completed his third season as head coach last fall. “We have yet to see the best of Toney Clemons. He’s a kid who always steps up to the challenges.”

Track has been a similar success story for Clemons. As a sophomore, he captured the WPIAL Class AA title in the long jump (20 feet, 10.25 inches) and finished second at state in the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 14.74, one-tenth of a second behind Nate Kiss of Windber Area.

As a junior, Clemons captured WPIAL titles in the long jump (21-5) and 110 hurdles (14.61). He also won state in the long jump (23-2) and 110 hurdles (14.36).
My favorite revelation: Toney's mother is named "Tonie". I really, really, really want his father to be "Tony." Because then they would be these guys:

The Wichita Eagle profiles JUCO LB Austin Panter:
"My first couple days in the weight room, I saw Rose Bowl this and Rose Bowl that," Panter said. "And then I realized all the guys in there that I saw play on TV last year. Practicing with a Mike Hart, Chad Henne and Shawn Crable, it's not so much overwhelming but very exciting."
What, no Zoltan love?

Thanks, MSC. Interesting article on the President's discretionary fund has this revelation:
Coleman ordered up two new public service announcements to run on TV during Michigan football games after receiving complaints about the old announcements. "People had been screaming at me about how rinky-dink our public service announcement looked,'' she said, and she agreed, calling it an "abomination.''

The new announcements cost $220,298, but were well worth the cost because they projected a first-rate image of the university, she said.

Mary Sue Coleman is the baby daddy of "Space, Bitches." For this, we are eternally grateful.

One of these receivers is not like the others. Braylon's bowling thing came off; the media asked questions; Braylon responded:
What did wearing No. 1 mean to you at Michigan? It meant a lot. If you look at the Nos. 1 of the past, they always were the guys that were held to the highest standard. They're always the guys, in crunch time and big situations, that would get the ball. Anthony Carter, the David Terrells, the Tyrone Butterfields, Derrick Alexander. People were looking to these players.
Um... okay? Butterfield's greatest contribution as a Wolverine was dropping a third down pass against Virginia, giving Michigan time to hit Mercury Hayes on the last play of the game to open the Scott Dreisbach era.

Ex-Bucks. Four OSU players have left the team in recent days. One was a walk-on DT, but the others all had scholarships: DEs Walter Dublin and Ryan Williams and corner EJ Underwood. The Dispatch article says that Underwood was the only player expected to push for playing time this year; anyone have more detail?

The Matrix... decides! Scout is temporarily free until July 4th, so I can bring you this quote from Sam McGuffie:
We asked Sam, did you feel comfortable at Michigan?

"Definitely ... everyone here made me feel at home here, like I belong, like family ... I've got (Ryan) Mallett sitting here with me right now."

As far as announcing a college decision, McGuffie said:

"I'll be ready to say something when I get home."

When asked for a timetable, he said:

"I'll probably get something set up for next week."
I'll bet dollars to donuts he's a Wolverine within two weeks. Obligatory youtube:

Etc.: IBFC returns with a post on the nasty things Corwin Brown and Jim Harbaugh have been saying. Et tu, brutes? The Hoosier Report is covering the BTN mucho: Delaney gets his wig on straight again; more details on the launch. Solon summarizes everything I've ever thought about Erin Andrews on Addicted to Quack.