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Monday, August 06, 2007

Update 8/6: Linked to articles on WA DE Kavario Middleton, AL LB Jerrell Harris, video interviews with DC DT Reggie Ellis and OH TE Brandon Moore; photos of Moore. Added CA S Vaughn Telemaque, TX WR Omarius Hines. Removed MI RB Jonas Gray (Neb), MI WR Fred Smith (MSU). Added CT RB Mike Cox as a commit. Linked to Scout interview of PA LB Shayne Hale and PA WR Cameron Saddler; speculation from Recruiting Planet on the package deal.

Also, there's an updated Rivals 100.

Editorial Opinion: I was all in Cleveland this weekend -- WOO ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME WOO -- so missed the run-up and aftermath of the surprise Fred Smith commitment to MSU. Which kind of sucks. Make no mistake: the coaches pursued Smith hard despite having Hemingway, Clemons, Babb, and Stonum. They wanted him and pursued him heavily; he'll probably be very good for State. However, if you told me I had to pick one guy to lose of those Michigan is currently the presumed leader for (a list that includes at this point Christian Wilson, Brandon Smith, JB Fitzgerald, and Nick Perry), I would have picked him. We are fine on pass catching targets unless you are Jonathan Baldwin, in which case you are feeling very sleepy MICHIGANHASNORECEIVERS so so sleepy THEREAREGIRLSWHOAREN'THOOKERSATMICHIGAN so very sleepy PITTISFULLOFHERPES.

Meanwhile, Jonas Gray is also gone, he to Nebraska. Apparently he had five hats on the table, then shoved away the Florida and Michigan hats because they "didn't treat him well," which should tell you all you need to know about how heavily Michigan was after him.

Cox was covered earlier in the week. Weird, but he was a camper and the coaches have a good strike rate with these kids.

On to new business. WA DE Kavario Middleton was down to five, but has added Miami and will make official visits. Middleton on M:

Middleton says all of his favorites are recruiting him for offense, except Michigan, which wants Middleton for defensive end. "I get mail from Michigan everyday," Middleton said. "They are recruiting me the most. They send lots of stuff. I really like their program because they are always good and I like how fast and hard they play.

"Obviously, they are always a top team and I expect Michigan to have another great season," he said. "I think Miami will also be very improved. Michigan and Miami are the two schools I'm most looking forward to watching this season."

Michigan needs two defensive ends in this class; Middleton would be a big catch.

Meanwhile, AL LB Jarrell Harris still seems like a longshot but is apparently considering an official visit:
"Michigan is really good too and have know for having great tradition and defense," he said. "The coaches are really good there and hopefully I'll get a chance to see what it's like there."
And now... your weekly Hale-Saddler package deal speculation. The duo just attended a 7-on-7 passing camp attended by some of the Ohio State guys at Scout. These guys have some association with the operators and mods of Buckeye and now just general Recruiting Planet. The impression they got:
Originally Posted by wadc45 View Post
FWIW, those who were around the two (Hale and Saddler) at the 7x7 seemed pretty sure the package deal will end up intact...
Yep, it definitely seemed that way to Bill & I. I think you'll get the same vibe from the upcoming video interview (should be up soon) of the duo.

I can concur that Shayne is a very tough kid to read, especially when around such a loud, vibrant personality like Cameron. While Shayne is vocal on the field, he is very quiet and reserved off of it. They make a very interesting duo (somewhat reminiscent of Oden-Conley).
We like package deals and only worry a little about WVU.

Also, TE commit Brandon Moore? OMG. Shirtless.


New Rivals 100. Happily, McGuffie moves in at #90. Unhappily, so do lost DTs Garrett Goebel and Omar Hunter. Jonas Gray, somewhat unbelievably, actually moved up despite getting dissed by every major program in the country. It's all good and nice to have your own opinion on recruits, but, uh, yeah. About that. Targets and commits:
  • #20 Shayne Hale
  • #35 Jonathan Baldwin
  • #44 Daryl Stonum
  • #45 Kavario Middleton
  • #54 Boubacar Cissoko (WTF? Did he suddenly get shorter?)
  • #61 Brandon Moore
  • #64 Jon Major
  • #71 Dann O'Neill
  • #89 Brandon Smith
  • #90 Sam McGuffie
  • #91 Jeff Fuller
There are other guys on the list who I could put down but are longshots: Pryor, Darrell Scott, decommitted NE OL Trevor Robinson. That's five top 100 already with another we lead for (Smith), a second who we could maybe probably lead for (Hale), and four more guys we have at least decent shots at.