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Thursday, August 16, 2007

WTKA was granted access to a Michigan practice and had interviews with Carr, Henne, and Ron English. Items of note:

  • Carr confirmed that the shotgun had been implemented and would be utilized this year.
  • Avery Horn has been impressive and may be the fastest guy on the team.
  • You can take this whichever way you'd like, but Henne claimed Hart had been pulling away from Michigan defensive backs in practice. Either Hart is running around with a rocket pack strapped to his back our our secondary is going to be Spartan-esque this year. I choose to believe neither, given that the one thing our secondary does have without question is speed. Sears, Trent, and Brown are all reputed to be lightning quick, which is not something that's easy to screw up. Either he runs fast or he does not. Hart does not, they do. I call shenanigans.
  • English, unprompted, called out Johnny Sears as a guy who's made great strides and has had a really good fall. Please be true. He also likes Will Johnson lots.
  • DeBord said watch out for Mike Massey. Um.