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Monday, August 13, 2007

Wheeeeee. I was hoping someone would put this on youtube, and the internets have come through. I posted pictures of Sam McGuffie leaping over buddy/future hated rival JB Shugarts; this is video:

Oh, I hope he lives up to the hype.

Legal arrghdate. The AA News provided more detail on the Ezeh and Savoy issues a couple days ago. Ezeh's OWI happened in May and has already been dealt with internally. It shouldn't affect his status as he battles for the starting MLB spot. Meanwhile, Savoy's lawyer, Nick "Counterpunt" Roumel, -- busy summer for Counterpunt, eh? -- says his arrest is No Big Deal:

According to university police, a 21-year-old Ann Arbor woman was inside the stadium at about 7 p.m. when a man she knew, Savoy, unzipped his pants and exposed himself. Savoy pleaded not guilty to the charge, according to court records.

His attorney, Nicholas Roumel, said the exposure was accidental.

"In order for this to be a crime, this has to be done knowingly,'' Roumel said. "I get the impression he just forgot to zip up his fly.''
Uh... that seems pretty dubious justification right there. Savoy isn't practicing with the team.

Le sigh. Notre Dame had a (semi-?) open practice a few days ago, which is something I wish Michigan would do but doesn't. Anyway, there are some reports both amateur and professional. The recurring themes from the fans:
  • Jimmah is trailing in the QB race and his arm may still be damaged or healing.
    I personally think it looks like a race between Sharpley and Jones.
    CW has got to be couching Clausen in an open practice. He threw 2 screens and only a couple of other mid-range passes. Even if CW does decide to not start Clausen or redshirt him, I think that Sharpley showed enough tools to be the starter, at least in practice today.
    From what I saw today, Sharpley is the best passer of the group. From what I saw, I expect him to start against Georgia Tech. While Jones does bring a "playmaking" ability, there is a dropoff in passing ability from Sharpley to Jones.
    After watching Clausen I don't think he is at full strength. When throwing warm up passes he seems to shake his right elbow out after most throws.
    If Clausen's arm isn't head and shoulders above Sharpley's, a guy who Michigan totally ignored, there's got to be something wrong with his arm still. Or he was just massively overhyped.
  • The ND kicking game is a serious issue. Kickoffs got to the 10, maybe, and kickers went 6-14 on FGs.
  • The secondary is still Zbikowski-Bruton-Lambert-Wooden. Moooohahahaha.
  • Charlie Weis is a goddamn genius.
    Weis is all over it as a perfectionist. Leadership is his strong suit. He even lit up an on-field security guard near us for not wearing a specific hat, as had apparently been agreed before.
The rest is stuff that's of questionable validity in an intrasquad session. Is the OL good or the DL bad? Or vice versa? Etc. It does sound like there's no clear leader at RB, FWIW. My favorite part was the headline on the SBT article: "Can Weis shock world again?" Um... remind me what the previous world-shocking was... a win over a 7-5 Michigan team?

Don't click here.

Etc.: Braves & Birds has its annual "Charles Rogers Theorem" post, which is one of my favorite pieces that leads into each season. Georgia gets red-flagged; Penn State gets a yellow; The Cal Scout site eviscerates the nonsense Harbaugh's been talking about the Bears; Peabody, a former student manager at Michigan, gives his perspective on the academic emphasis of the program at MATW; Drew Henson's still hanging on.