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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Knocked off the internet this afternoon; wanted to get this up earlier. Will cover the Hart stuff tomorrow.

On the scheduling thing: Angelique Chengelis' article clarifies the ND-OSU rotation thing:

...the attempt to tweak the schedule to avoid playing Notre Dame and Ohio State on the road in the same season was, the official said, too complicated to get done because there were so many scheduling issues.
So it's status quo for now, which I'm okay with. It gives the University more impetus to schedule a nonconference opponent that's at least somewhat interesting in the years when PSU/OSU/ND are road games. Also in that article is a depressing confirmation of the current state of college football scheduling:
What this more than likely means for Michigan fans is that the Wolverines will not have room on their 12-game regular-season schedules for another major powerhouse team. One Michigan official said that now that the Irish occupy a solid position in the schedule, it would make it "challenging" to add another name team.
It's not that challenging. Officials of Michigan, I propose this technique: a phone call and the offer of a home-and-home

On the roster thing: Carr was queried about the missing players on the official roster and reported thusly:
  • Patilla is still on the team and should report next week.
  • Schifano has given up football and may or may not stay at the university.
  • McKinney has a medical issue that Carr, as per usual, doesn't want to discuss and may or may not be around. Exact quote:
    “James McKinney has a medical issue, so I can’t really speak to that other than to say that we’re hoping that he can get his health back to where it needs to be.”
    So... still on the team, probably.
So that's one gone, one not, and one in limbo. Carr also guardedly addressed the Carson Butler situation; it is a possibility he'll make it back, but...
On if the issue with Butler is seeing where his head is…and if he is in any shape to come back:

“Those are some of the issues that we have to discuss…and I want to make sure that it’s the right thing for our team first of all…and for Carson second of all. I’ve got to make sure of that. As sure as I can be. Part of that will be dependant upon what his responses are. “

“I have met with him, but I have another meeting scheduled for the end of the week where I’ll really find out where we’re at.”

For Carr to be so open about it makes me think that he's going to get his shot, but he's got a lot of stairs to run and obstacles to overcome before he sees the field even if given the opportunity.

Other news of note from Carr's secondary presser with the local media:

  • All the freshmen made it in. (Avery Horn was the only one who was threatened, AFAIK.)
  • Obi Ezeh is going to be given a shot at the middle linebacker job:
    “Defensively, Obi Ezeh had a great spring, but he was at the SAM linebacker position. He played last fall at the inside position. Based on what we saw in the spring and based on where Shawn Crable is, we’ve got to give (Ezeh) a chance in there at the MIKE linebacker position with John Thompson and Austin Panter. We’ve got to give him a chance.”
  • Alex Mitchell's job is not secure. When asked about things he'll be looking at for fall camp he said "we've got to sort out" both right tackle and right guard.
  • Marques Slocum is not quite cleared. He has "one thing left to do with one class"; Carr "expects him to be" cleared for fall camp.
  • True freshmen in the secondary, oh yes, they will play.
  • Mario's healthy:
    On if Mario Manningham is back to where he wants him to be:

    “Early in the summer he was having some issues, but I think his conditioning has really come along. He did some things late in the summer that our players… he can make everybody stop and say “wow!” Those are the reports I get.”

    Cue diabolical laughter.

Carr's main presser wasn't particularly illuminating, but Friends of Zoltan will be happy that Carr opened his remarks about the team like so:
"We’re excited about our team at Michigan. We return a lot of guys offensively…some outstanding players, some outstanding leadership…guys that have had experience in big games.”

“We return an outstanding punter in Zoltan Mesko. He has an opportunity based on what he did last year as a redshirt freshman to be one of greatest punters we’ve ever had at Michigan.”

YESSSSSSSS. You have to love (or fear and hate, depending on your cynicsm level) Lloyd Carr. He returns four potential All-Americans on offense and the first player out of his mouth to open the 2007 season is the punter. Hail Zoltan.

Etc.: MVictors has a look back at Michigan's first-ever night game, which was in 1944(!) against Marquette(!!!). Some original research and digging here; very cool.

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Jason said...

On the one hand, you're golden.. er maize because you have ND locked up for so far into the future.

On the other hand.. it's kind of like having sex with the same woman for 40 straight years..