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Monday, October 15, 2007

1 LSU --
2 South Florida 5
3 Ohio State --
4 Boston College --
5 Oklahoma 3
6 California 4
7 Oregon 2
8 Kentucky 10
9 Missouri 3
10 South Carolina 1
11 Arizona State 4
12 Auburn 5
13 Florida 2
14 Virginia Tech 4
15 Kansas 6
16 West Virginia 4
17 Southern Cal 2
18 Virginia 4
19 Texas Tech 7
20 Cincinnati 7
21 Kansas State 5
22 Michigan 4
23 Illinois 7
24 Penn State 2
25 Wyoming 1

Dropped Out: Florida State (#14), Wisconsin (#20), Connecticut (#23), Indiana (#24), Hawaii (#25).

Obviously, LSU #1 is something that requires justification. This is it: I do not subscribe to the mentality that who you lose to and when should be most of the assemblage of a poll. A table:

Wins Over Top 25#10, #13, #14#12, #16None
Wins Over Other .500+ TeamsMississippi StateFAU, UCFPurdue, NW
Losses@ UK, 3OTNoneNone

The first and most obvious conclusion: AP and Coaches #1 OSU has no claim to that spot. They have played no one. The second, debatable issue is USF or LSU. I value LSU's triplet of wins minus a loss to an apparent top-ten team more than USF's pair of ugly, grinding, turnover-filled and frankly ill-played victories over Auburn and WVU. I believe their resume is better even considering the loss, and they remain static.

Other stuff:
  • I'm actually pretty content with the top ten.
  • Auburn jumps up after an ugly win against Arkansas because 1) Kansas State keeps proving itself a better win, 2) USF keeps proving itself a better loss, 3) I can't keep Auburn behind Florida when Auburn has the head-to-head without some powerful reason that I can't find in Florida's play.
  • As the season moves on and WVU continues playing no one, teams steadily move ahead of them. With UL and Rutgers tanking, they have precious little opportunity to move up.
  • Anyone who puts Hawaii in the top ten this week should be horsewhipped.
  • Hey... Michigan. Weird.
  • Question: what should I do with Arizona State? I haven't seen them much, just bits and pieces, and am completely in the dark about how good they are.