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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1 Oregon --
2 LSU 1
3 Oklahoma 1
4 Missouri 2
5 West Virginia --
6 Ohio State 4
7 Georgia 2
8 Southern Cal 5
9 Arizona State 2
10 Kansas --
11 Boston College 3
12 Virginia Tech 2
13 Texas 2
14 Clemson 8
15 Virginia 5
16 Illinois 3
17 Florida 1
18 Cincinnati 8
19 Michigan 7
20 South Florida 4
21 Wisconsin 5
22 Connecticut 11
23 Penn State 2
24 Tennessee 2
25 Auburn 8

Dropped Out: Florida State (#23), Alabama (#24), California (#25).

I'm actually fairly happy with this effort. I'll keep hammering this point: the Pac-10 looks less impressive than it really is because they play an extra conference game. Oregon is still #1 in my book, though the margin is slim. The only thing that rankles is shoving USF down four after a win, but Illinois and Cinci both deserved to move up, as did Clemson for nuking a decent Wake squad. Florida... eh.

Kansas. ... still hasn't played anyone. I do think a comparison between KU and WVU is in order, but WVU has Maryland (5-5) and Mississippi State (6-4) in the nonconference schedule, orders of magnitude better than KU's slate. I might be convinced to slide KU up a couple spots, but they aren't passing Georgia.

Untangling the Big Ten mess. Penn State, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan all have identical records and none of the three has a clear round-robin victory over any of the others. But...

Penn StateWisconsinIllinoisMichigan
Wins Amongst GroupWisconsinMichiganPenn State, WisconsinPenn State, Illinois
Nonconference difficultyKansas-esqueAlmost Kansas-esqueLegit (@ Missouri, 'Cuse)Good (Oregon)
Win over Sweatervest?NopeNopeYepN/A

Illinois is your winner, Michigan comes in second, and Wisconsin is third because they have yet to play Minnesota and had a nonconference opponent (WSU) that isn't completely wretched.

Complaints go in the comments; I'll modify my ballot by tomorrow.