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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

1 Oregon 1
2 Ohio State 1
3 LSU --
4 Oklahoma 2
5 West Virginia 2
6 Missouri 3
7 Arizona State 3
8 Boston College 3
9 Georgia 1
10 Connecticut 1
11 Michigan 2
12 Southern Cal 4
13 Virginia Tech 1
14 Kansas 6
15 Texas 11
16 South Florida 4
17 Auburn --
18 Florida 2
19 Illinois 4
20 Virginia 5
21 Penn State 5
22 Clemson 4
23 Florida State 3
24 Alabama 9
25 California 6

Dropped Out: Wisconsin (#18), Tennessee (#21), Purdue (#22), Wake Forest (#24).

Some justifications:

No Tennessee. With apologies to Rocky Top Talk, the only reason to rank Tennessee is mindless SEC bias. The heavy loss to Cal looks worse each day. The Vols were blown out of the stadium by three-loss Alabama and Florida teams. Four of their six wins were against bad mid-major opponents or Mississippi State. (For those who would claim Mississippi State decent: WVU 38, MSU 13, and it was 31-0 six seconds into the second quarter. No. Just no.) The rest of it: an OT win over 6-4 South Carolina in which they were outgained by 200 yards and the aberrant clubbing of Georgia. That's one actual good performance against three awful ones. No thanks.

Man, screw Kansas. Kansas is Hawaii after a power mushroom or, ironically, a replica of Bill Synder's oft-fraudulent Kansas State teams of the mid-to-late nineties.
Not only is their nonconference schedule shameful but they miss both Oklahoma and Texas in the Big 12. Their best win is over a Kansas State team that just lost to Iowa State. It's nice to be undefeated and all that and putting up 76 points against any Big 12 team that's not Baylor is an accomplishment, even if that team is coached by Bill Callahan, but this team has a mid-major schedule and I'm ranking it like one.

Texas? Yeah... I dunno. I probably had them too low (unranked) last week and they're probably too high now.

I'm trying to hew to X beat Y when teams are close... so USF stays in front of Auburn, who remains in front of Florida.

Fire away.