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Friday, November 30, 2007

What may be one final blast of unconfirmed internet rumor: Tigerdroppings has multiple posters who say Miles has told the players he's leaving.

He told the team today after practice that he's stepping down and going to Michigan. (or at least so a little birdie told me...)
I can confirm this as well. Heard directly from a players mouth. Miles is gone. Expect it to break soon. Players can't keep this secret long.
And more:
this was just confirmed to me through a text message from a guy i know on the its pretty true.
An email followup to one of the guys on the board:
I'm pretty good friends w/ RJ Jackson. I was hanging out w/ his girlfriend, Chelsea, tonight. I dropped her off at his apartment so they could hang for a while before they left for ATL. He told us Miles informed them at practice today that "he was leaving". Told whole team he took the UM job. I didn't get to go into details. Its true and a done deal.
Local news stations down in Baton Rouge also seem pretty sure he's out.

Is this 100%? No. There were a few reports of similar quality -- credible seeming, multiply-sourced -- on Kirk Ferentz accepting the job linked here that turned out to be wrong. These are concentrated on one message board, which is bad, but are much more specific, which is good.

Is this 90%? Yeah. Four different people above claim to have heard from players on the team that Miles is leaving. The Ferentz things had no details and no indication anyone at the program had been told; in contrast, this would be a point of no return announcement by Miles. And there's precious little room for misinterpretation here.