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Friday, December 14, 2007

1) Confirmation of Rodriguez' presence on the aforementioned plane has been acquired. Channel 4 will have it at 11.

2) Rodriguez blew off reporters; he'll undoubtedly be blitzed at a scheduled press conference tomorrow.

3) What a weird guy to come up: Rodriguez was a WVU player under Don Nehlen, a name that may not ring bells among Michigan fans of my age or younger. Nehlen, however, was a Schembechler assistant and retains ties to the program. So he's got a tenuous connection. However: Pac Man Jones, Chris Henry, etc. If there's a guy with obvious skeletons in the closet, it's Rodriguez, who's walked a fine line with guys of questionable character at WVU.

4) I wonder what Ryan Mundy thinks about all this?

5) There are two ways this can go: Michigan comes with a mediocre offer that includes administrative oversight and significant assistant retention -- as mentioned, I believe this was the deal with Miles and Schiano -- or they just say "hey... job?" If he accepts the job (assuming he even gets offered it) it'll be fascinating to see how this all shakes out.

6) About that if: still doubtful, IMO, for a number of reasons including personal ennui about program, Rodriguez' decision not to go for the 'Bama job, an obvious focus on JUCOs and academically questionable recruits, and more of that ennui stuff.

7) But... it has legs.