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Sunday, December 30, 2007

So last year Ohio State frequently lined up Ted Ginn just outside of the tackle or right end about five or six yards off the LOS. 90% of the time this was shotgun, and this was dubbed the “Shot-Ginn,” which is fine because jargon like that communicates complex ideas quickly.

So OSU's first play is sort of that, except with Boeckman under center, Wells lining up in a standard tailback position, and Ray Small in the shot-ginn position, except of course this isn't the shotgun and this isn't Ted Ginn. But anyway, when OSU does this it will be noted as such. This is a three WR set that gets Michigan in a nickel; Harrison is actually playing as a sort of WLB to Small's side. OSU fakes a dive to Wells, then runs an end-around to Small out of said I-Ginn. Jamison(+1) is unblocked and maintains contain, forcing Small to take a long detour; Will Johnson(+1) uses the time Jamison buys him and takes Small down behind the LOS.
O33211I-FormBase 5-2Run5Iso
Player intros: Jim Cordle looks sixteen and Steve Rehring has a future in ogre-dom. Michigan shows eight in the box, then backs out; Ohio State runs it right up the gut. Taylor(-1) doesn't hold up well against a double and Ezeh(-1) is very hesitant, allowing Wells to move up in the hole despite Johnson doing a decent job and CGraham taking out the fullback early.
Ezeh(+1) reads Boeckman's eyes and starts drifting over towards the slant that Harrison's covering; Harrison's gotten a bit of jam, too. He comes off it (cover +1) and takes off; Ezeh(-1) gives the point right back by overrunning it and allowing the conversion.
O46110Ace BunchBase 4-3Run6Dive
A single back set with two TEs, both of them to the short side of the field; they are inverted; a WR is out there with them. Michigan shifts away from the strength of the formation a bit but has Crable as a sort of short-side corner obviously in zone. They run at the apparent gap in the Michigan formation; BGraham(+1) holds up pretty well and two Michigan players meet Wells for what should be a meh gain; Adams(-1) and Ezeh miss their tackles and allow him to spin three into six.
M4824Ace TwinsBase 5-2Run5Iso
Taylor(+1) does a great job getting through his man, forcing the fullback to take him. (And take him he does with an absolutely crushing block; not really TT's fault). Still, this is an ISo play stripped of the FB by a DL and it works. Why? CGraham(-1) runs up into a blocker and gets his little stubby arms engulfed. Crable comes around from the backside.
M43110I-FormBase 5-2Run3Iso
Michigan stunting here and is unfortunate to be stunting right into a play set up to handle it; BGraham runs right into a guy who's doubled TT and moves to the second level. Ezeh's blitzing himself out of the play; CGraham(-1) is clocked by the FB; big hole. Wells makes a questionable read, cutting it back inside, and falls as BG(+1) gets off his block and forces a cut a bit harder than he wanted.
M4027I-FormBase 5-2Pass3PA TE Drag
First pass comes with token draw play action; corners bail out deep and Boeckman checks down. Adams(+1, cover +1) is right there to tackle for minimal gain. (Additional cover +1 for the deep routes.)
M3734Shot-ginn 5WRNickel PressPassIntFlag
Wow, M in press man with a single deep safety. A very Arkansas w/ Chris Houston thing to do. Boeckman calls TO; M and OSU line up in the same fashion when they come out of the TO. This play is all marginal: Jamo gets cut a bit but stays up, so does he hurry the throw? The throw is a terrible one, way short, on a flag route Trent got torched on.

He recovers and manages not to draw a flag by whipping his head around and attempting to locate the ball when he notices Hartline slowing up. Could this be PI? Maybe. Hartline, OTOH, kind of tackles Trent in an attempt to prevent the INT.
Drive Notes: Punt, 0-0 10 min 1st Q. No surprises so far from the D: bad linebackers kill all. On replay I think Trent has the recovery speed to deal with Hartline on this. Tressel punts on 3rd and 4 from the 37 and gets what he deserves: touchback.
O32110Ace 3-wideNickelPass6Out
Trent in very soft coverage on Robiskie; OSU takes the easy out, though it's looped and this removes any YAC opportunity. (Cover -1)
O3824Ace BunchBase 5-2Run1Delay Iso(?)
Same setup on both sides of the ball as the previous Ace Bunch play; M clearly has a gameplan for this. Crable(+1) is blitzing off the snap; since he's very nominally lined up as a corner the TEs ignore him and he's in unblocked, albeit from a position not often associated with success. He gets hand on the passing Wells; Johnson(+1) has fought inside his man and ends the play. Taylor effectively singled blocked by Cordle. As for Iso(?): there's no FB, but the play is a delayed handoff and the RG pulls around to act much like a lead blocker would.
O3933Ace 3-wide3-3-5 NickelPass5Short In
Play design is clearly a pick w/ the TE coming to rub as the WR takes a little in route. M is in zone, which should be advantage M. CGraham can't get there in time, but this was generally well executed by OSU and it's hard to blame him. Immediate tackle.
O44110Shotgun Empty 2TEBase 4-3Pass-5Fumbled Snap
Right, you're all like ??? about the formatioin, but yeah there you go: base personnel for OSU, Wells split wide. Would have been interesting to see what they intended to do with this, but this is the first Boeckman fumble pratfall. Probably irrelevant, as a clever blitz got Crable(+1) in unblocked in the interior. (Pressure +1)
O39215I-Form 3-wideNickelPass-8Free sack
Adams comes up as a seventh guy in the box, and again we don't know what would happen because as Boeckman drops to throw, presumably deep with his 7-step drop, he slips to the turf.
O31323I-Form 3-wideNickelRun-5Counter
A give-up-and-punt playcall that doesn't even get the five or so yards it should because Michigan stunts into it; Jamison(+1) blows his guy into the backfield – his guy is an interior lineman! -- and forces Wells to change direction; he slips, too.
Drive Notes: Punt, 0-0 6 min 1st Q. I liked those plays.
O27110Ace 3-wideNickelPass15 (pen)Fade
Adams up as a blitzer, Michigan in an aggressive press again with a cover-one behind it. Warren(-2) does interfere here, getting behind Robiskie and grabbing him to prevent a completion. (Cover -1)
O42110I-Form BigJumbo 5-3Run2Iso
Pollack in as the SLB. They again double Taylor and attack the gap between him and BG – part of the gameplan to go after BG, who was pretty shaky against MSU's power running? Ezeh(+1) manages to get the guard peeling off the double on his heels a bit, forcing Wells to slow in the hole. BG(+1) has beaten his guy to the inside and comes back to tackle; Adams also there. BG leaves the game, injured.
O4428I-FormBase 4-3Run4Delay
Adams brought as a late blitzer; both LBs charging at the snap. A lead delay; CGraham(+1) reads it well and avoids the peeling C, leaving two LBs against one blocker. CGraham makes contact at the LOS... and misses the tackle(-1). He did slow him enough for help to arrive relatively quickly.
O4834Shot-ginnNickelPass-6Free sack
Wells motions out; Boeckman drops to throw and drops the ball without provocation. Another free sack.
Drive Notes: Punt, 3-0, 15 min 2nd Q. They had a Clausen exorcism after this.
M44110Ace 3-wideNickelRun1Delay
Same play as the Delay Iso earlier; this time CGraham(+1) attacks it well, getting to the FB in the backfield and making a tackle at the LOS.
M4329I-Form BigJumbo 5-3Pass5Waggle
Delay fake and a Boeckman rollout; the TE has gotten outside Crable(-1); Adams(+1) reads it and tracks him down for minimal YAC. (Cover -1)
M3834Shotgun 3-wide3-3-5 NickelPass9Slant
Quick drop; Harrison(-1, cover -1) beat in one-on-one man.
M29110Ace BunchBase 5-2Pass7Out
Trent in soft coverage and OSU takes advantage. (Cover -1)
M2223I-Form TwinsBase 5-2Run5Iso
Taylor(-1) blown out and buried by a single block. Ezeh clubbed out of the hole by the FB; no chance to prevent the first.
M17110Ace 3-wideNickelRun12Delay
Pulling guard takes out Crable blitzing from the outside and an ill-fated stunt gets Jamison out of the outside lane. result: acres. Englemon(-1) misses a tackle after a few yards; Adams tracks Wells down at the five.
M51GShotgun Empty NickelRun4QB Draw
Empty backfield inside the five? Not technically an ISQD, but as close as you can get. Ezeh(+1) actually does a great job of plowing the pullling guard and getting a hand on Boeckman to prevent the TD.
M1 2GGoal-lineGoal-lineRun1Iso
Well, when Wells meets Brandent Englemon head-on needing a yard we all know how that battle ends.
Drive Notes: TD, 3-7, 10 min 2nd Q.
O39110I-FormBase 5-2Run8Iso
Big gap opens up between BGraham(-1) and Johnson(-1). Michigan's linebackers are on a stunt blitz; CGraham does a good job getting to the right side of the FB, but the hole's too big to close.
O4722I-Form BigBase 5-3Run1Iso
Jamison(+2) gets inside the tackle and forces the pulling guard to take him, then slips past said guard to make a tackle for no gain.
O4831I-Form Big Base 5-2Run2Iso
Well played by M; Wells bowls over Banks for the first.
50110Ace TwinsBase 5-2PassIncDeep comeback
Plenty of time as M rushes four (pressure -1); Taylor is particularly ineffective. Boeckman waits, then throws awkwardly off his back foot; ball is off target. Coverage evidently good. (Cover +1)
50210Shotgun 3-wideNickelPassIncScreen
Either well-read or poorly executed; Crable reads this and makes the throw a bit difficult by leaping in the passing lane; tough catch for Wells and it's dropped. Wasn't going anywhere anyway. (Cover +1)
50310Ace 3-wide3-3-5 NickelPass3Scramble
Jamison(+1) swims outside the tackle, then slashes up past the TE to get to Boeckman before the play can develop. Boeckman scrambles out as Jamison misses the tackle, but this drive's over (Pressure +2).
Drive Notes: Punt, 3-7, 5 min 2nd Q.
O4 110I-Form BigJumbo 5-3Run3Iso
Standard: distressing hole, good FB block and decent LB play; Adams comes up to tackle.
O727I-Form BigBase 5-3Run1Iso
Taylor(+1) plows his guy back and into the path of the FB; Wells cuts behind and has unblocked players up the wazoo. Good job by Banks to flow down the line, too.
O836Ace 3-wideNickelRun0Draw
Taylor(+2) shoots past his guy and is hog-tied to the ground, drawing a holding flag. Wells falls over the mess, ending the drive.
Drive Notes: Punt, 3-7, 2 min 2nd Q. Tressel has already pulled in the horns, no?
O20110Ace 3-wideNickelRun4Draw
Should really be a no-gainer as both linebackers have shown up in the approximate hole well and there's only one blocker. CGraham(+1) cuts off the inside; Ezeh(-1) somehow manages to get shoved and contrives to let Wells between himself and the OL.
O2426Ace 3-wideNickelRun7Delay
Warren comes up, forcing Wells inside of him; Graham(-1) has gotten blocked out of the play but Ezeh has beaten his blocker... just in time to get run over by Wells. Is this his fault? I dunno.
O31110I-FormBase 5-2Pass15Stop
Boeckman has all day despite a blitzer (pressure -2), eventually finding Robiskie open for a 15-ish yard gain in front of Warren, well off. (Cover -1)
O46110Ace 3-wideNickelPass-2Sack
CGraham is flaring out to cover a short TE out and in doing so looks like he's about to cover Boeckman's slant; Boeckman hesitates. (Cover +1). Jamison(+1, pressure +1) bowls over Wells and Boeckman decides to attempt to scramble, getting nowhere.
Tape only has a replay of this. Crable(+1) shoots in on a blitz, inducing Boeckman to fling a duck off his back foot that Englemon makes an easy interception off of. (Pressure +2)
Drive Notes: Interception, 3-7, 30 sec 2nd Q.
O38110I-Form TwinsBase 5-2Run62Iso
A simple iso play is the game-killing dagger, and the fault is all on the safeties. Adams(-2) is coming forward at the snap but fails to fill the hole between Crable and Banks, instead getting caught inside where Ezeh is taking on the FB. Banks gets a -1 for getting driven back badly and making this a more difficult play for Adams. So this puts Wells into the secondary for what should be a 20-yarder or so; Englemon(-2) is in position to make a tackle but overruns it, falling, and Wells runs to the endzone.
Drive Notes: Touchdown, 3-14, 14 min 3rd Q. Sadly, the main thought in my head was “this game's over” and that didn't seem like unwarranted pessimism to anyone around me.
O32110Ace Base 5-2Run6Iso
Taylor(-1) gets a bit of a bump from a second man after standing up the first guy; this knocks him off kilter and he ends up pancaked. BGraham(-1) failed to take advantage of the opportunity to get inside the tackle and there's a gaping hole that linebackers can only close after a significant gain.
O3824I-Form TwinsBase 5-2Run12Iso
Ezeh(-1) stood up by the blocker; BG(-1) completely dominated by the LT. Adams misses a tackle and Wells looks like he could be headed for the endzone until he slips to the ground.
50110I-FormBase 5-2Run1Iso
Englemon an additional guy in the box, allowing both linebackers to come up into the hole, which is between the C and G. CGraham(+1), unblocked, sticks Wells in the hole.
M4929I-Form TwinsBase 4-3Run4Iso
Saine in. A Crable blitz blows up the FB in the backfield and forces Saine outside, where CGraham(-1) should have an angle for a no-gain tackle; he overruns it and misses it. The Crable-induced delay means this is only a mediocre gain anyway.
M4535Ace 3-wideNickelRun6Delay
Taylor(-1) crushed backwards by a double team; Michigan is blitzing Ezeh from the outside leaving only CGraham to combat this run up the middle. He actually does a decent job given the situation – Taylor's inability to hold the POA has made it impossible to flow to the ball. It's still a first down as Saine manages to fall forward.
M39110I-Form TwinsBase 5-2Run2Iso
Slocum in, getting decent push. Ezeh is submarined by the FB; Slocum(+1) peels off to tackle after a small gain.
M3728Ace 3-wideNickelRun3Delay
Both safeties moving to the LOS at the snap. Englemon fills a hole near the LOS; OSU simply doesn't have enough blockers to get a hat on him.
M3435Shot-ginn3-3-5 NickelPassIncThrowaway
Harrison(+1) sent on a corner blitz and is roped to the ground; no call. Since Boeckman doesn't know Harrison's going to get tackled, he starts scrambling around, eventually throwing the ball away. (Pressure +1)
Drive Notes: Punt, 3-14, 8 min 3rd Q. The remote defensibility of this OSU punt is sad, sad, sad.
O36110I-FormBase 5-2Run23Iso
Will Johnson(-2) is momentarily doubled, then hurled to the ground. He was caught out as the NT on this play as OSU switched the strongside by motioning the tight end and Michigan didn't do their customary tackle flip. CGraham has to deal with the Johnson chipper and cannot – no surprise at this point in his career. Wells into the secondary.
M41110Ace BunchBase 5-2Run4Iso
TE from the bunch comes in motion to act as a lead blocker; another Iso. This one goes better as Johnson manages to hold up decently, though not exactly spectacularly. The chip guy is delayed and can't get out in time to block Ezeh; Johnson dives at Wells' feet near the LOS; the two combine to tackle.
M3726I-FormBase 5-2Run0Iso
Taylor(+1) stands up a couple blockers, jamming up the intended POA, and Ezeh fills the weakside hole at the LOS. Wells slips trying to cut.
M3736Ace 3-wideNickelRun-2Draw
Michigan blitzing right into this; Ezeh(+1) evades Cordle and is into the backfield, as is Adams.
Drive Notes: Punt, 3-14, 4 min 3rd Q.
O19110I-Form TwinsBase 5-2Run-1Iso
Safety blitz from Englemon forces Wells to cut away from the FB. Taylor(+1) has stood up a single block and Ezeh cuts in to make a TFL.
O18211I-Form BigJumbo 5-3Run1Iso
Patterson(+1), slanting, occupies one blocker and plows him into a second; Wells soon follows. He bounces off, then meets Crable.
O19310Ace 3-wideNickelPassIncWaggle
Jamison(+1) maintains QB responsibility – not hard on third and ten – forcing Boeckman to chuck it into the ground. (Pressure +1)
Drive Notes: Punt, 3-14, 14 min 4th Q.
O9110I-Form BigJumbo 5-3Run3Iso
Right, same thing as before. Ezeh scrapes well and Englemon fills.
O1227Ace BunchBase 5-2Run0Delay
Nine guys near the LOS, Michigan swarming to the ball as OSU runs the only run play they've used out of this formation today.
O1237Ace 3-wideNickelRun3Zone left
Give up and punt.
Drive Notes: Punt, 3-14, 11 min 4th Q. Tressel has packed it in, obviously.
O26110I-Form TwinsBase 5-2Run5Iso
Good job by Johnson; Ezeh(-1) crushed downfield and pancaked.
O3125I-FormBase 5-2Run4Iso
Okay. I don't care. I just don't care. Something happens on this play and Ohio State gains four yards.
O3531I-Form BigBase 5-2Run0Iso
Still don't care.
Drive Notes: Punt, 3-14, 8 min 4th Q.
O33110I-Form BigBase 5-2Run4Iso
Good job by Crable(+1) to cut off the outside; Ezeh defeats the FB block and tackles.
O3726I-Form BigBase 5-2Run-1Iso
Slocum in; pushes his guy back into the backfield and tackles for loss.
O3637Shot-ginnNickelRun-6Counter draw
Jamison shoots in unblocked and ends this in the backfield.
Drive Notes: Punt, 3-14, 4 min 4th Q. This game has ended.

You don't care?

Uh... sorry. This enterprise has seemed irrelevant, though. What does it tell us about Michigan's future? Virtually nothing, as the coaches are gone and this 3-3-5 stack is coming in. What does it tell us about Michigan's game against Florida? Virtually nothing, as Florida runs an offense diametrically opposed to Ohio State's. Pants.

Well, the performance seemed okay.

The defense gets an incomplete, IMO. A couple first-half drives were stopped by (literal) pratfall instead of any swarming viciousness on the part of Wolverine defenders; Tressel packed up shop after the Wells touchdown run, figuring that an obviously-broken Henne and an offensive line that couldn't block anyone (this, on one particular play, was also literal) was not likely to throw up two touchdowns in the second half. And it's just not that hard to stop an offense that doesn't complete a pass, as anyone who read the offensive UFR knows.



After a dismal performance versus Wisconsin, was the D's best player.
Positive day, but a disappointing one nonetheless. Given his status as Michigan's most consistently disruptive DT and the steady diet of iso plays, he should have had a bigger impact.
B. Graham

Shaping up to be a force next year.



DNP, I think.
Needs to make a leap next year.
C. Graham


Gave up a couple outs, otherwise not tested much.
Mostly watched.
Just the one PI.

Critical missed tackle on the long Wells TD.

Hardly any throwing, but a decent job of getting to Boeckman when he did.


Jamison was a standout, frequently getting to guys in the backfield and not being directly liable for any of the long Wells runs.


Taylor should have done better against a steady diet of interior running; the linebackers were meh; the safeties combined to yield OSU's second touchdown.

What does it mean for Florida?

As noted, not much.