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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Orson Swindle: The BHGP post was completely in jest
Though, as always, that's an impressive shotgunning there.

Brian: ???
i considered that, i really did

Orson Swindle: They're completely f***ing around.

Brian: aw f***
are you sure?

Orson Swindle: Pretty sure.
But their response could be worth waiting for.

Brian: aw, goddammit
I, uh, well... yeah. Hawkeye State emailed me something one line and to the effect of "you knew I was joking, right?"

Aw... goddammit. I didn't, actually, except for the Ayatollah bit. I did consider it, as mentioned in the header, but eventually fell on the side of "real" because everything else I have seen multiple times on various blogs and message boards. Even though everything in it was really stupid it seemed plausible. I should have known better, as rampant stupidity is most certainly not a part of BHGP's usual repertoire.

I am the stupidest.