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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Diag notes a kinda-important visit that's no longer happening in February:

Big news on the Terrelle Pryor front - he has changed his official visit date and will head to Ann Arbor this weekend (he was originally scheduled to come in just before signing day).
This is good news. Pryor has three weekends left to get official visits in, but his basketball team has Saturday games on the last two. This upcoming weekend is the last one he can spend the entirety of at a particular. He's serious about Michigan. Reported interest in Oregon and LSU is unthreatening: unless Pryor's going to commit somewhere he's never been he's basically got to fly in and out of these places thousands of miles from his home in a day.

Pryor will in all likelihood attend Michigan's 7PM basketball game against Iowa. For anyone in the area wondering what they can do that will infinitesimally affect Pryor's decision in a positive direction: for God's sake go to the Iowa game. Especially if you are hot or prone to getting extended "We Want Pryor" chants going. Buy tickets here. Buy 4-or-more "Family Packs" here. Purchase colorful posterboard upon which to offer Pryor your firstborn here.