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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Note: I previously stated there would be no CapOne UFR due to its general irrelevance for the program going forward, but since that was a pass-based spread offense that seemed to incorporate many facets of what Rodriguez does said irrelevance no longer applies and I'll do one early next week. I'm also downloading a couple WVU games and will provide those later this month.

Videos galore. A pre-bowl fluff piece with Carr:

And Carr's final locker-room speech:

Highlights from the Big Ten Network are at MSC; damn if I can figure out how to embed it, though. There are also kips from frequent clip provider Chris at Dangerous Logic:

TSN has the Arrington catch in all its spectacular glory:

And finally, MSC also links to this BTN video of Shawn Crable calling out Kirk Herbstreit:

Not sure of the wisdom of calling out someone for saying you have no D after giving up 35 points, but whatever.

Torrent is up here; Ten Yard Torrents registration required.