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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A monster signing day for Michigan starts off with the official commitment of FL QB Justin Feagin:

American Heritage quarterback Justin Feagin is going to commit to Michigan, according to Stallions coach Willie Bueno.
Feagin will come in as a QB.

Michigan's also picked up a commitment from FL OL Ricky Barnum($), which is a hell of a get this late in the recruiting process. Barnum was a Florida commit until, like, two seconds ago.

Terrelle Pryor's announcement? Back off:
"I'm 100 percent sure I'm not signing," Pryor said. "It's a tough decision and I'm still trying to decide between Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State."

Pryor did say he has eliminated Oregon and told the Oregon coaches the school was too far from home. Pryor said he'll probably make a visit to Penn State.

The reason:
"When we talked (Tuesday morning), I gave him my choice and he gave me his," said Pryor's father, Craig. "They weren't the same. But it's his decision."

Craig Pryor said he did not pick Ohio State, but he did not indicate what school his son chose.

Craig Pryor also told his son that playing immediately might not be the best way to make progress. He said it wouldn't hurt if he sat back and watched while he tries to learn to read defenses.

"He's not worried about playing right away," Craig Pryor said. "It will give him time to learn and adjust to the speed of the game."

You can parse that a number of different ways, but the bit about "playing immediately might not be the best way to make progress" sounds very bad for us. It is possible that Pryor's dad was asked a bunch of leading questions and played them off, leading to a noncommital answer that seems something else out of context. I find it hard to believe that long-dormant Penn State and the worst quarterback coach in college football could swoop in and grab Pryor with one visit from their doddering, soon to retire coach and there seemed to be a buzz congealing around Michigan yesterday.

FWIW, Rivals had this earlier:
You just can't think Signing Day will come and go without the Trojans pulling an upset someplace along the line. This is a tough call because the main candidates are Nick Perry, T.J. Bryant and Jerrell Harris and most observers expect each of them to go elsewhere, but even if they strike out on those three perhaps a big de-commitment will come their way.
This is a change in tune for Mike Farrell, who had previously predicted Perry to USC. Perry's officially eliminated Michigan State, which would seemingly put Michigan in an excellent position for Perry's 11 AM press conference.

Update: Holy shit! Michigan picks up Trotwood-Madison's Michael Shaw and Roy Roundtree.

Update II: A Cleveland-area blogger interviews yrs truly, BTW, about various topics related to Pryor and signing day.