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Friday, March 07, 2008

Pryor. It's been quiet on the Pryor front of late, mostly because everyone's given up and assumes he's headed to OSU. A Mike Farrell story provides a glimmer of optimism in the form of a potential visit...

"I'd like my mom to see both places and Penn State," he said. "So we're talking about a day trip to both Ohio State and Michigan, and she'd come along with me on my Penn State trip."
...but not much of one. Pryor says he'll decide by April 1st.

I get this question a lot: "when does Pryor have to sign by?" The answer is "never." If Pryor is going to sign a LOI, he has to do it by the end of the month, but the LOI doesn't actually do anything for the player. If Pryor doesn't sign he can still show up on a college campus this fall and get an athletic scholarship.

In other Pryor news: weird guys make figurines, and there's no way to say it that doesn't sound like sour grapes, but... uh... I don't know if Pryor's much of a warrior-poet. You've probably seen the Bleacher Report thing about that near-riot at a basketball game, which was at least partially substantiated by a newspaper columnist:
That’s when a Jeannette assistant exited the Jayhawks’ locker and complained about the conduct of the South Fayette students. That’s something he had a right to do.

One officer, however, did not appreciate the direction of the conversation. He was present when Pryor accosted the South Fayette fans.

“You’re lucky we didn’t take your kid (Pryor) in,” the officer said. “He threatened to go into the crowd.”
A Penn State friend mentioned that there was a pretty horrifying account of Pryor's behavior posted on one of the PSU premium boards by someone who was at the game, and sent it along. It's pretty convincing, especially because at the time Penn State fans were hopeful Pryor would pick them.

Then there's this Plain-Dealer piece Run Up The Score noted:
Sharon, Pa. — Day 28 since the Day of No Decision. Subject No. 1 — Pryor, Terrelle — seems aloof Wednesday night, at times disinterested. He applies himself only when necessary — and when a fast-break dunk appears possible.

“He plays as well as he needs to play,” says his basketball coach at Jeannette High School, Jim Nesser. “I don’t know if that sounds good, but if he needs to take it to another level, he can do that.”
And then, like, uh...
“I’m a Pryor,” he says. “My dad used to hit me when I lost at anything, at fights, anything. I mean, your dad is supposed to make you a man, right? That’s what he did.”
Not that this last quote reflects poorly on Pryor himself. It's just weird.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... Iowa says CYA to a couple of the infamous Facebook guys, and others are pointedly not on the roster. It looks unlikely that any of the guys we've all seen 1) displaying lots of money, 2) putting lots of money on their head, or 3) eating lots of money will ever see the field at Iowa again. BHGP is, of course, crushed:

In other suspension-tastic news, Penn State tight end Andrew Quarless is probably hanging by a thread after a DUI charge, his second alcohol related run-in with the law in a year, and Indiana's Kellen Lewis has violated some team rules.

BONUS speculation on the Quarless incident can be found over at Black Shoe Diaries:
An insider on a message board has just indicated there is more to this story which will come out in time. And it's not good. He didn't give details so don't ask me what it is.

Begin rampant speculation now.
This might have something to do with the car Quarless was pulled over in: a white BMW.

Updated. Made a couple fixes to the depth chart by class: I miscounted the OL (there are 15, not 14) and erroneously asserted that Troy Woolfolk redshirted last year. He did not. Other assertion made that I believe is incorrect: Moosman, Zirbel, and Stewart are in their final years of eligibility. IIRC, all redshirted. Other assertion made that I can't confirm: Marell Evans didn't redshirt. Which would be, like, WTF.

Etc.: UMHoops interviews Stuart Douglass; Rodriguez "lectured".