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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Achtung. This is kind of a silly way to attempt to get in touch with someone, but Johnny of RBUAS, I require you to email me.

Giddyup. Mon... er, Tuesday Recruitin' was heavily focused on one Kevin Newsome, Virginia quarterback par excellence and maybe probably soonish a Michigan commitment. More grist for the mill, this from established Buckeye Planet insider Unionfutura:

...he committed to them Monday. Kid is big man, looks like a LB.
All due caution is advised -- consarned kids with their internets -- but the underground buzz on this is getting overwhelming.

BONUS! I don't give this much credence but it might cause a Penn State fan or two to start bashing his head against the wall whilst moaning "no, no, no, no," so... what looks like a legit Tate Forcier comment showed up on Newsome's myspace page; a helpful reader forwards it along:
Aye bro! How sick would it be if we both went to Michigan? We could do like the florida thing with tebow an Chris Leak... Cuz dude if we both go there we could do some serious damage.
An we could get like the Tightest...
wait for it... wait for it...
Awwwww, dammit.

Even if that is really Forcier chances are he heads somewhere else.

He fell into our laps. Memo to self: send Dave Wannstedt some mustache wax for Christmas. In the midst of an chaotic coaching search that seemingly had no real candidates after Greg Schiano turned Michigan down twice came salvation in the form of one disgruntled mofo from West Virginia:
Attorneys for West Virginia University have obtained new documents that show Rodriguez' representatives contacted Michigan on Dec. 11 to gauge their interest in him as their new head football coach. Three days later, Michigan officials met with the former coach in Ohio to start hammering out a deal.
So many questions! Jesus, what did Ed Pastilong do? What would have happened if WVU won? Miles? If not... perish the thought. Michigan didn't even have to sell the guy. He was just looking for a way out.

Stop me if you've heard this before. Buried in like 300 words of Ryan Mundy trying to justify going back to the school he spent 80% of his collegiate career at just because it's Michigan -- over it yet? no? how about now? no? -- is another Eeee Barwis quote:
[Mundy] was most grateful, though, for getting to know Mike Barwis, the director of strength and conditioning who followed Rodriguez to UM. Barwis is the reason Mundy made his return journey to Ann Arbor.

"If Mike Barwis was at West Virginia, I'd be at West Virginia. I have nothing against them," he said. "I was so pleased with the way Mike Barwis worked with me that I wanted to continue working with him to get ready for the draft."