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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last year, MGoBlog had a highly successful contest to create a new banner for the site. Unfortunately, Baxter Allen's winning banner...

... lasted all of three hours into the season before You Know What. It was replaced with

  1. the happy kitten forever blog,

  2. crying girl banner for Emo Week,

  3. That emu for Emu Week,

  4. the "It's Morning In America" banner that spurred a serious discussion in the comments about whether or not it was totally offensive to even have to gaze upon the visage of Ronald Reagan,

  5. the banner by Fred Simmons you see above,

    hastily pressed into service after a cadre of superstition experts concluded that a restoration to normal service simply could not be risked.
Despite all this, we're going to have another contest, and if we lose to Utah we can blame the whole freshman-quarterback no-seniors-on-offense thing, mkay?

So: dust off your photoshop and whip up something killer. Mail it to with the subject "banner"; in about two weeks I'll collect the candidates and put a poll on the site so readers can vote for their favorites.

The winner receives this fabulous prize package:
  • An MGoShirt of their choosing.
  • A copy of Hail To The Victors 2008 (2007 book link).
  • A single MGoWish that can be redeemed for anything reasonable of the winner's choosing: a post that addresses a specific topic, increased coverage of something or another, or increased emphasis on a particular technical task.
Go, and capture the zeitgeist.