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Monday, June 23, 2008

Incoming recruit Michael Shaw saw his high school track career end prematurely when the OSHAA ruled he had transferred to Trotwood-Madison illegally, but dude got it awwwwn at nationals:

Trotwood-Madison OH coach Randy Waggoner, honored earlier in the day as the meet’s Coach of the Year, couldn’t help blinking back tears at the courage and gutsy efforts of his Waggoner’s Raiders team after they toppled favored Dominguez CA in the marquee 4x400 (3:11.33 to 3:11.41).

“I’ve been coaching since the ‘60’s,” Coach Waggoner said of his 46.4 anchor, Mike Shaw, “and I’ve coached a lot of guys, but he’s one of the best.”

Shaw had a huge meet for his team from Ohio, anchoring the Raiders to a Friday win in the 4x200 (1:25.18), then taking the 200 title (21.19 in a headwind) and anchoring the 4x400 win on Saturday.

“We all promised each other we were going to lay it on the track for each other," Shaw said. "Last race of the season, and even though I was dead from the 200 [earlier in the day], I told them that if it was close, I’m going to win it.”
Aye, that he did:

Shaw also qualified for the final in the 100 M but finished last. Dunno what happened there.

Dude is ninja fast, though. He runs the forty in femtoseconds. I use him instead of fiber-optic cable. I had him take a message to South America and when he got there it was Gonwanaland.