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Friday, June 27, 2008

This will be the only post today. The new site launches Monday, and I'm spending the day porting all the posts over, and then the weekend making sure everything is ready. I know you didn't read the Zone Stretch article from yesterday, so go back and read that.


Carry on.

Any ideas? Genuinely Sarcastic is looking for something to write:

My quest for some daily/semi-daily feature here at GS which isn't just some half-baked ripoff of MGoBlog's Unverified Voracity continues, without much luck, but I press on.
If you've got an idea burning a hole in your pocket, shoot them an email.

Hockey. The Big Ten network should be a great boon for hockey fans, but last year the only benefit for Michigan fans was having the College Hockey Showcase televised, and that was a haphazard affair with plenty of tape delay built in. They are working on more:
Silverman has been talking to Tom Anastos and Bruce McLeod, commissioners of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association and Western Collegiate Hockey Association, about trying to get more games on the air. ... Silverman said the most-sought-after games would be those involving one Big Ten school playing against another.
Michigan-Michigan State games are are all televised in some form or another, but that might mean trips to Columbus -- rarely provided full coverage -- are televised in the future.

Dude, right click. I didn't actually take the pictures of Michigan's hypothetical road jerseys so I'm only mildly pissed that Valenti & Foster's website posted them without attribution, but... like...

... if you're not going to attribute something you probably shouldn't take a screenshot of the blog. Attention, sports-talk-radio interns: you can right click on any picture and "save as". Also, your thumbs are opposable (probably) and can be used to open things like doors.

X is like Y. Credit to Grateful Blue for doing something I thought impossible: writing a surprising "X is like Y" post. This one is Big Ten teams as fictional movies from Seinfeld. Michigan:
"Cry, Cry Again" - Michigan
As referenced above, "Cry, Cry Again" is the arty movie that Jerry refused to bootleg for Brody, so Kramer does it himself - poorly, according to Jerry, who now thinks of himself of an expert in bootlegged movies. The end of the movie is taped over by Elaine, who filmed herself dancing to see how bad she really was. Michigan has lost five of the last six games to OSU, and their fans have cried and cried again over this development. The Wolverines are trying to get their mojo back with the hiring of Rich Rodriguez - not unlike the character in "Cry, Cry Again" who buys a loaf of bread.

Quote: "He's trying to buy a loaf of his soul."

Meet Rich Rodriguez - a loaf of soul.
Hokay. I'm out. Wish me luck.