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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Wojo has an article up that's very good. One thing that occurred to me is that OSU just had a season like we had so many times in the 90s... early three or four losses, win as big underdog in the Game, bowl win to make your 8-4 turd a very polished 8-4 turd.

Meanwhile, if we Herrmann away the Rose Bowl 9-3 is not going to look very good to anyone. Herrmann, in fact, gets called out by Michael Rosenberg in his latest Free Press article which echoes the sentiments of every UM fan who is not directly related to Herrmann: shape up (now) or ship out (now).

I'm sick of any quarterback with the slightest ability to run looking like some goofy-looking white bench scrub playing the Pistons in the playoffs.