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Monday, January 31, 2005

Some dude named Andre Criswell from Renaissance has committed to Michigan. He wasn't in the Scout or Rivals databases until quite recently, as you can see from the previous link.

The Detroit News had him on their all-Detroit team and ranked him #28 in the state this year. He also says things like "My hand is the team's hand" which partially explains his offer.

What it does NOT explain is where in the sam hell his scholarship is coming from, as I believe he was offered one. There was some reasonable speculation that he was offered as a preferred walk-on, but titles and headers from various recruiting articles make this clear that this is not the case. The writing is on the wall for a fifth-year senior or two already, and that was with an assumed Harris-McKinney-Germany finish. This extra player almost definitely means that someone else has been lost to some form of attrition.

Criswell is entering as a fullback, which is odd since I thought we already had one in the class in Mister Simpson, and moving Simpson to RB doesn't make a whole lot of sense with the Martin-Hart-Grady monster in front of him. A linebacker I could understand... but a fullback?

All signs point to weird here, captain.


Anonymous said...

I Know Andre and he is a very talented player. He was offered because he has talent. Yiou shouldn't put things like this on the net. You'll never know who sees it. Oh a ps. You're not playing college football are u? Didn't think so !

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah he also made all stare. you know the dream team. and he's playing in an all-star game!