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Monday, January 31, 2005

When you lose by 29 to an 0-6 Big Ten team with an RPI ranking of 198, it's over. When you get outrebounded for the fifth time in six games... by 12, it's over. When your half court offense possesses slightly less coordination than a flock of beheaded chickens, it's over. It's just over.

Fine, fine, injuries and all that, but this team still has way more talent than Purdue. Michigan is just painful to watch in a way that no other Big Ten team is, because they consistently do amazingly stupid things. I sort of enjoy watching overmatched, talentless teams play a smart game and lose narrowly. Northwestern is a fine example. I can't stand watching Michigan get horribly outrebounded, average ten billion turnovers a game, and take bad shot after bad shot. I don't know what else to say. Posting on basketball will remain infrequent until I can watch a game without shaking my head constantly.


Chris said...

So can I get you to retract your statements about the team getting the Ewing Factor from losing Horton?

Yesterday wasn't a great game, but Purdue isn't as bad as you make them out to be. Carl Landry is better than anyone Michigan has, and Kiefer played well yesterday.

Plus, Michigan's backcourt is just brutal right now. Wohl and Bell can't run the point, and putting Harris at the 1 completely neutralizes him. It's almost impossible to be successful when you don't have good guards.

I thought the team played hard though and didn't give up in the second half once the game was over. That's pretty much all I ask.

Anonymous said...

Maize, you have to be kidding me. We lost by 29 to a bad team. You think they got their record by accident? Give me a break. Our team played like pussies and it was a horrible, pathetic performance. That's all there is to it.

- Blue Man