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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sam Young is a tackle from Florida getting early hype as the best tackle in his class and a sure five-star. Sunshine Preps has video of him driving goofballs 20 yards downfield with impunity.

Do we really have a shot at pulling a kid who lives in Miami away from, uh, Miami? Maybe. Take this useless internet speculation for what it's worth, but some dude on the Miami board says, "Believe it or not most knowledgable sources in Florida thaink this kid is Michigan's to lose."

I think I side with "not" in this case but Baas and Hutchinson both came from Florida, along with freshman Grant DeBenidictis, so what little success we've found in Florida has been along the offensive line.

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Anonymous said...

Again, mgoblogger, great work, how the heck do you find this stuff??? Do you have a screen name on all the major school's site's? :)