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Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Rivals hockey board blew up with Swystun info yesterday, with articles from all over.

More important, since those articles are pretty lean on information you well-informed fans didn't already know, is this Bob Miller post. In it he says it would be a good idea to ratchet down expectations from Swystun as a freshman since he'll be so young. He destroyed Midget AAA last year and a U17 tournament this year but hasn't been tearing up the AJHL. He does have 13-16-29 in 47 games, so he's doing pretty decently, and UND, BU, and Denver were all pursuing him, so he's certianly not a marginal recruit at all. Sounds like he'd be better served as a class of 2006 player, but he's scheduled as an '05 recruit and that likely won't change. He's ready to graduate HS and move on.

Also in the above-linked post: info on Kessel that basically amounts to "ain't dead yet." Speculation on USCHO and elsewhere had Kessel basically down to Wisconsin and Minnesota, but Spath dropped a hint that while it is indeed a two-horse race, Michigan is one of the contenders.