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Friday, April 29, 2005

The NCAA's hypocritical decision to allow a 12th game every year but continue with the creaky, broken BCS is catching flak from all over. The Daily Quickie is resorting to italics. CNNSI has not one but two columns up today trashing the BCS. Arash Markazi summons up the ghost of Jim Mora and his "Playoffs?!?" rant. Michael Bradley calls on Myles Brand to step in like Vince McMahon and deus ex machina up a solution.

Over in the blogosphere, The Blue-Gray Sky has an interesting take on the BCS revamp and what it means to Notre Dame. ND's arrangement with the BCS has gone from an all-or-nothing deal where ND would receive a full ~14 million dollar conference share if it made a BCS game but nothing if it missed to a less extreme system that pays ND ~4.5 million dollars if they're in and one million if they're out. BGS correctly diagnoses the new system as a surrender by Notre Dame. If ND makes the BCS only one year in ten, they still lose $500,000 dollars with the new system. I think they're hoping to visit a bit more frequently than that.

The BGS post also raises the spectre of--gasp!--Big Ten membership. If the Big Ten rolls round once more the financial details will be very different from the last time ND turned the Big Ten down like hot blog groupies after my Title IX post. The faculty clamors to join the Death Star of academic cooperation. The AD may come around if the numbers are good. This prospect, of course, horrifies ND fans. Come to us, precious... we wants it.