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Friday, April 29, 2005

Yeah, that 12 game thing? Totally official. Also, you can count wins over I-AA teams every year, and the playoff thing is not happening for yet another year. Aaand the NCAA "strongly urged" schools not to adopt the new Title IX "Internet-based surveys" that have the very real potential of actually balancing athletic department spending with relative gender interest in sports. mgoblog hasn't had the opportunity to pontificate on Title IX yet in its brief run in the sun, but let it be known that this blogger thinks Title IX is the worst example of idiotic "gender equity" crap currently in existence in this country. No one gives a damn about women's sports... with good reason. They suck. No offense, women. I love your sinuous curves, etc. But I do not love the fact that you can't dunk or run fast or be interesting while competing athletically.

Crap. There goes my chance at getting hot blog groupies. Oh, wait. They probably don't exist.

Update: No, they don't. If Google don't find it, it don't exist. Yo.