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Monday, April 04, 2005

Hey, remember the Orange Bowl? I do. I remember screaming "throw it to Terrell, dammit!" every time Michigan did anything other than throw it to Terrell, dammit. Tom Brady remembers, too, and apparently urged the Pats to sign DT after he came on the market after a Bears career that can be fairly described as sucktastic.

This idea? Friggin' brilliant for all involved. DT now has a living breathing QB throwing to him, one who he knows quite well. NE picked up a guy, for all his attitude issue and lack of production, who has a ton of talent. Chances are that Terrell will get in line now that he's being coached by the NFL equivalent of God, Bill Belichick, and having balls tossed to him by the NFL equivalent of Jesus, Tom Brady.

Two words to sum up: Fantasy. Sleeper. (Also: giant. dork.)