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Monday, April 04, 2005

TSN's posted a bunch of draft analysis as part of their "pay for this 31337 coverage" teaser, and several Wolverines are noted. Braylon, of course, along with Shazor, Baas, and Dudley, though Dudley's profile basically says "is a fullback."

Marlin Jackson is nowhere to be found on their top five cornerbacks list although he's likely to be one of the top five cornerbacks taken. Shazor and Dudley are both ranked #2 at their respective positions, though it seems like Dudley is still unlikely to be drafted. That's going to be a mistake if he's not. I know fullbacks are not exactly high in the NFL pecking order, but Dudley erased projected top 10 pick Derrick Johnson (Rose Bowl stat line: 1.5 tackles, 1 forced fumble) and any other linebacker he faced. He never caught the ball, sure, but if you've got third and two he's your man. He's well worth a late round draft pick for a team in need of a road grader.