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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

File this under "unsubstantiated rumor," but there is a post on the RCMB that claims MSU forward Tom Goebel has left the team. I mention it because the same RCMB poster had accurately posted that AJ Thelen had left the Spartans the day before the news officially broke.

If this is true, it bodes very poorly for Comley's future. Goebel was a Comley recruit who was the centerpiece of the MSU class a couple of years ago. He had an impressive freshman campaign with 15-17-32 in 34 games but regressed as a sophomore, notching only 21 points. Goebel was supposed to be part of the wave of talented, creative players that would transition MSU from Mason's trapping style to a more upbeat game that presumably wouldn't get shut out in 800 straight NCAA tournament appearances.

Now MSU is left to wonder if getting shut out in the first round is really all that bad.