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Monday, June 20, 2005

So I got an email today from a prospective BlogPoll site, Bruins Nation. I noticed that BN is part of the "SB Nation" network of sites. Exploration of same indicated that this mysterious network is run by Kos. Yeah, that Kos. Holy divisiveness, Batman! mgoblog's political leanings are well hidden for a reason: they're fundamentally irrelevant to a sports site and anyone who disagrees with me will be put off. mgoblog official blog-world policy on politics is "I agree with you, no matter what you think. Yes, even the thing about the Freemasons." To the credit of the current SB Nation sites (all baseball save for BN), they seem to focus exclusively on their topic material. But the whole thing is totally weird. Who knew a guy like Kos had time for anything except being extraordinarily political?

He's trying to built an huge network of sports sites that, like, pay their authors. Will it work? Dunno. But I sure as hell haven't been in Wired. Kos 1 mgoblog 0.