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Monday, June 20, 2005

I just noticed this excellent article on Football Outsiders that discusses the differences between the 4-3 and 3-4, a topic of great interest to both NFL and Michigan fans. Lions fans (and other NFC North acolytes) would also do well to examine FO's camp battles for the division this year.

And, hell, while were in "link to everything on the Internet" mode, the Wall Street Journal has an article about the fines professional athletes pay. Or, rather, don't pay. Check this out:

"NBA guard Latrell Sprewell ... actually made money on a $25,000 penalty, because a corporate sponsor stepped in to pay it and the fine was later dropped by his team."
Well, of course he did. He's got 35,000 kids to feed!

And Dr. Z's single-wing Vick fantasy refers to a "Michigan-style spinning fullback" (ironically slotted for this position is former Spartan TJ Duckett). Can someone inform me of the significance of this term? I am not nearly as old as Z. Heck, even noted geezer Dan Reeves didn't even know what a spinning fullback was when Z asked him about it. Enlighten me, readers!

Update: Ask, and ye shall receive. Examine the comments for my answer.