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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Redshirt freshman Keston Cheathem has announced that he'll transfer to Oregon State. Cheathem was a three star last year and likely saw the writing on the wall when he was transferred from Michigan's paper-thin secondary to the eight-headed monster of its receiving corps. The chances of Cheathem ever seeing the field at WR were very lo--

"They told me I was number 3 on the depth chart."
Uh. Good god. No offense, Keston, but I really hope that was sort of a "you're in a six-way tie for third" because if it wasn't you're seriously harshing my buzz as regards Doug Dutch and Carl Tabb (yes, Carl Tabb, he's fast). And next time warn me when you're going to do that. Not that you'll have much cause to as a Beaver. Now if we could only get some news on your former high school teammate Eugene Germ--
"He's there to stay.... He's happy there and he's been told he's going to qualify."
I appreciate the content there, if not the extremely rude delivery.

So. One more scholarship for next year. Possible negative revision of expectations RE: Arrington, Tabb, Dutch. Germany shouldn't have eligibility issues but still may have to sit out next year as a "transfer." Enjoy talking in imperatives.