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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Update 6/26: Added GA QB David Cone and MI LB Quintin Patilla. Cone apparently got a camp offer despite hardly throwing for his option-crazy high school team. Linked to two Canton Repository articles on OH QB Mike Hartline, who camped at both Michigan and OSU recently. Asserted that Harline will commit if offered. Removed OH QB Miles Schliester (no way he gets offered) and OH OL Connor Smith (trust me). Linked to GBW article indicating that OH WR Robby Paris has been offered. Added NH(!) FB(!) Scott Spyrka because of same article. Also linked to a couple of recent reports from the Pittsburgh Sports Report. Each covers multiple players. To sum up: UF, ND, UM for Darrin Walls, Jared Odrick has us in his list of 15, PA QB Kevan Smith may get an offer sometimes soon, we're there with Jeremiha Hunter but no longer a clear leader, and Nate Byham did not mention Michigan on his list of five schools.

Editorial opinion: Much news due to the recently-completed Michigan summer football camp. More on the way in the near future, methinks. Things to pull out here: Cone offer is odd. Don't know if he just killed everyone at camp or Michigan thinks that it's going to strike out on the big names. Byham was supposed to be considering us strongly so I won't panic about one report that doesn't mention us--Micah Johnson went a couple articles without a Michigan mention but that seems to have been an aberration and we're amongst the favorites once more.

All the QB stuff flying around may indicate that Devlin and Tebow are not likely to end up here. If Hartline or Smith gets offered you can cross them off, especially because a Hartline offer will be followed immediately by a Hartline commitment. Why I say such thing? Here:

Hartline spent Wednesday in Ann Arbor at Michigan’s camp. He worked closely with Wolverines quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler, but Hartline returned home without an offer.

“I will know Monday what their situation is,” Hartline said. “Coach Loeffler said to call him them. They’ve offered four quarterbacks, most of them from the south, and they’re waiting until July on those guys. If nothing happens with any of them, they told me I was their next one. I’m at the top of their list, right there.”
And a bit more:
With offers from Wisconsin, Illinois, Ole Miss, Michigan State, Kentucky, Marshall and Cincinnati on Mike Hartline’s table, the GlenOak quarterback needs to keep in mind that time is of the essence. If an offer from Michigan or Ohio State does not come by the first week in July, he should seriously consider one of the offers he has before it’s too late and one of those schools fills its quarterback quota.

Hartline is waiting to see if Michigan will offer. The guess is the Wolverines are targeting three or four other quarterbacks and are stringing along Hartline in case the others fall through.

“I will know Monday ... if they’re going to take two quarterbacks or stick with one,” Hartline said. “They’re supposed to have a meeting Sunday and make that determination.”

Hartline could commit to say, Wisconsin, now. Then if Ohio State or Michigan comes in with an offer in September, he can reconsider. A verbal commitment isn’t binding and can be changed until signing day — the first Wednesday in February.
Those passages are lifted from the two Canton Repository articles. Watch Hartline to see about Devlin and Tebow.

Update: More Robby Paris: check out this video of what appears to be about half of his catches last year. Footage is seriously kick-ass, dude looks like a 6'4" version of Jason Avant. Buckeye fans who have seen Paris in person are pissed.